SIM São Paulo joins forces with the #NotHim movement and signs the DemocraciaSim manifesto

SIM São Paulo believes that culture, and music in particular, is an expression of human diversity, as well as a measure of social transformation. Culture is also a sector of the economy capable of generating positive impact for both the country and the world.

The music event based in São Paulo recently set up DATA SIM to collect and study data on the music industry. Through the SIM Transforma project it maintains a monthly dialogue with producers and artists from the city’s outskirts. And in December, it will host the annual event for music professionals and companies to meet and make connections.

Six years ago, SIM embraced a philosophy of aesthetic and political diversity with a programme created by people of different genres, races and nationalities. This plurality is fundamental in a world – and industry - that is increasingly complex and demands urgent guidelines on concerns such as the fight against violence and discourses of hatred.

There are different ideas and projects at stake in Brazil’s elections. The presidential candidates proposals regarding the role of culture have been reported by the national press. Worryingly, far-right presidential frontrunner Jair Bolsonaro , who promotes an aggressive, xenophobic and discriminatory posture, does not even mention culture in his plan and has already declared his intention to extinguish the Ministry of Culture.

As in any democracy, everyone is free to decide how they vote, and to defend their reasons for such. But in a democratic society, military interventionism is not defensible. Nor is the figure of a fascist former army captain who threatens to take away our freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

SIM São Paulo supports the Democracia Sim manifesto.

In their social media accounts, artists such as Madonna and Cher have positioned themselves against Bolsonaro, by using the hashtag #EleNão, which means #NotHim. The movement has also been endorsed by Black Eyed Peas, Dua Lipa and Dan Reynolds (Imagine Dragons)

#EleNão #NotHim
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