In partnership with INAMU, SIM São Paulo strengthens ties with Argentina

One of the goals of SIM São Paulo is to work closer with markets in other countries, and especially of bringing Brazil closer to its Latin American neighbours, encouraging cultural collaborations and exchanges between the nations. A partnership with INAMU (National Music Institute) has brought a higher profile for SIM in the Argentinian market. In 2018, more than 700 artists from the neighboring country signed up for one of the 27 daytime showcase opportunities (out of a total of 2,299). Singer Miss Bolivia was one of the selected. She will be joined at the event, which takes place from December 5th to 9th, by the trios Fémina and Valbè and the band La Madre Del Borrego.

Indicated by Rolling Stone as "one of the new bands we need to know", Fémina have won over not only specialized media with their indie folk but also the ears of Iggy Pop. The legend has featured the group - formed by Clara Wewi Trucco, Sofía Toti Trucco and Clara Miglio - more than once on his radio show, The Iggy Pop Radio Show on BBC Radio 6 Music. The trio comes from Patagonia and is producing their next album, which will feature appearances by Iggy Pop.

Valbè is from Entre Ríos, but since 2006, Noelia Recalde (guitar and vocals), Damián Helmer (bass) and Cristhian Faiad (drums) have settled in Buenos Aires and have developed a career that already includes three albums and tours throughout Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Brazil. They recorded their last album Terser (2016) at the Family Mob Studio in São Paulo. With interesting vocal nuances, the band performs folk rock with echoes from the Beatles and Argentinean folklore.

With 18 years under their belt, La Madre Del Borrego embraced a diversity of sound and has established itself as one of the most interesting of their generation. Ignacio Ducasse (drums and percussion), Franco Gagliano (guitar), Facundo Herrera (guitar) and Franco Antonello (bass), the group from Córdoba mixes rock, ska, reggae, tango, cumbia and other Latin rhythms in everyday pop songs.

Another name confirmed for SIM 2018 is Miss Bolivia. With three albums released and tours throughout Latin America and Europe, she is one of the most celebrated names in the Argentinean scene internationally. Born in Buenos Aires, Paz Ferreyra combines forceful Latin rhythms with combative lyrics. A human rights activist, she raises issues related to feminism, the decriminalization of drugs and the struggle of the Mapuche people. Tolerance and inclusion give the tone of her discourse, built on a powerful mix of cumbia, hip hop, electronic and dancehall.

The artists were chosen by the SIM Advisory Board and will come to São Paulo with support from INAMU. Each art will perform at least twice during the fair. Both Diego Boris Macciocco (president) and Paula Rivera (vice president) will also be part of the Argentinean delegation and will present a panel on the INAMU initiative, an example of how the public and private sector can work together in favor of a country’s music.

About INAMU INAMU (National Institute of Music) is an organization to promote music in and from Argentina. It was created in 2013, covering all regions and the most diverse genres, to improve the conditions of production, circulation and promotion of the local artists. There are already more than 2,500 projects supported annually by the organization. Over 26,000 individuals are supported by the Registro de Música e Atividade Musical (the Music Activity Registry). INAMU is a reference both in the support to established artists and in the professionalization of new talents.

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