SIM São Paulo and Brazilian Independent Music Association announce partnership

SIM São Paulo and Brazilian Independent Music Association (ABMI) announce a partnership offering a 30% discount on the PRO-BADGE at the SIM 2016 to ABMI members. Just e-mail ABMI at and ask for your discount code. Besides, the ABMI team will attend the São Paulo International Music Week in order spread some news – the event will take place from December 7th to 11th.

Founded in 2002, ABMI seeks to represent the industry not just in Brazil, but also in the international marketplace. They have joined forces with other industry organizations such as the Worldwide Independent Network (also a partner of SIM São Paulo), a global forum for the professional independent music industry with more than 800 members, and the MERLIN, the global digital rights agency for the world’s independent label sector.

Corciolli, VP at ABMI, explains a little bit about the organisation in the interview below and fesses up: “it will be a pleasure to officially launch the projects celebrating our 15th anniversary at SIM São Paulo.” Read on!

ABMI underwent changes in 2016. Tell us about this new stage for your organization

We conduct new elections every two years. This time we were fortunate enough to have a team of incredible professionals in the steering council, people who have been writing the history of independent music. Wilton Souto Jr (from Atração Fonográfica) is our president, myself (from Azul Music) as the VP and also six directors: Gustavo Vasconcellos (GRV), Mauricio Bussab (Tratore), Carlos Mills (Mills Records), Sérgio Mendonça (Por do Som), Marcia Daher Nunes (Movieplay) and Fernando Mello (Fine Music). We also have an operations manager, Shirley Higa, who is fuelling our routine, writing a number of ṕroposals aimed at our membership. One of the most significant changes already noticeable in this cycle is a proximity to the market players, including individual enterpreneurs, micro businesses and own-label artists. We are devising a royalty management system online for those organisations that’s just as efficient as the ones used by the large players. We are striving to establish a dynamic and innovative agenda for tour members at the events, partnerships and workshops. In a nutshell, there’s a lot of work [laughs], but a lot of positive vibes, like we never saw before.

ABMI is now 15 years old, right? What’s this history like?

We were created as the result of a broad articulation of the independent market, which was highly fragmented until then. We were founded by highly visionaries who were very popular in the sector: the pianist Benjamin Taubkin and the producer Pena Schmidt, and a few other protagonists. The music market has seen radical changes in recent years, and our existence has given a voice to the market by organising ideas, demands and – most importantly – by strengthening the collective the value. We played a major role in the approval of new music legislation. We also established an excellent dialogue with the publishing houses, through arrangements enabling copyright and paying royalties. In addition, we also created a permanent agenda with the events, such as Rio Music Buzz, and also supported partnering events such Recife Music Fair and particularly the Prize for Music Professionals, which will see its 3rd edition in 2017. But what excites us the most are the future possibilities: there’s a lot more to do, and intrinsic nature of championing is in our DNA.

By the way, tell us a a little bit about your activities. What are the highlights?

We were invited to talk to the Ministry of Culture about the amendments to the Copyright Law and the Normative Instruction N. 3, which has confounded the sector, particularly for streaming in public areas. Our president Wilton Souto Jr, he’s a big cultural entertainer, and he created the Lira Paulistana, and for many years he was at the helm of Continental and Warner. In other words, he knows Brazilian music like few others. We are considering many venues in order to create a cultural agenda that is consistent for both the artists and our members. This year still, we are planning workshops and seminars with key stakeholders in the digital music market. They will be talks and partnerships fostering capability, providing strategic information and strengthening the music in our country. We belong to an international network of independent labels WIN, which also includes associations in Australia, the US, the UK, China, Soujth Korea, Germany, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Finland, and a few more. WIN plays an instrumental role for the global interest of independent labels, particularly with regard to digital platforms, Our problem is that we don’t think small… [laughs] Ainda neste ano, já estamos programando workshops e seminários com os principais players do mercado de música digital, serão palestras e parcerias que buscam fomentar a capacitação, levar informação estratégica e fortalecer a música no país. Fazemos parte de uma coalizão internacional de gravadoras independentes – a WIN – que reúne associações de países como Austrália, EUA, Reino Unido, China, Coreia do Sul, Alemanha, Canada, Japão, Nova Zelândia e Finlândia, entre outros. A WIN vem desempenhando um papel fundamental na luta pelos interesses globais dos independentes, especialmente no que diz respeito a novas plataformas digitais. Nosso problema é que não pensamos pequeno… (risos)

We will wait for you at SIM São Paulo in December to you can tell us more and in more detail, ok?

That’s for sure! We would like to thank the partnership with SIM, where we will have the pleasure to officially launch the projects celebrating our 15th anniversary, with a lot of cool stuff See you there!

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