Since the beginning, SIM São Paulo (São Paulo Internacional Music Week) has looked beyond the traditional music industry to embrace other sectors and representatives of the music market each year. It has rapidly become one of the principal music events in Latin America. Held from December 5th to 9th, sponsored by Oi, with support from Oi Futuro, Natura Musical and TNT Energy Drink, the sixth edition of the event will take place again at the São Paulo Cultural Center (CCSP). The PRO-AREA of SIM São Paulo is the networking space at CCSP, where you can meet up with owners of festivals and labels, music programmers, curators, digital distributors and influencers, and participate in the business meetings, roundtables, cocktails, meet-ups and pitching sessions. CCSP will also host over 70 panels focused on the new music industry, with over 3,000 badge-holders from all over Brazil and the world, interested in the lectures, debates and workshops. This year, SIM São Paulo has partnered with GPTW (Great Place To Work). This is the only global research, consulting and training company that encourages organizations to identify, create and maintain excellent work environments. At SIM, the challenge will be to create - every day - activities from the perspective of business, the world and people. Because live performance is one of the best ways for bands to close deals, SIM has a special focus on the live sector. On December 6th, 7th and 8th the daytime showcases take place at Sala Adoniran Barbosa, at CCSP, which are free and open to the general public. In all, 2,299 artists - from 25 Brazilian states and 22 countries - applied to perform at one of the 27 showcase slots. The SIM Advisory Board is currently analyzing each proposal and the programming will be revealed on September 3rd. Nighttime sees the SIM São Paulo programming spread throughout the city. In addition to the opening party, scheduled for December 5th, more than 150 shows will take place in 30 venues around the city. Last year, more than 30,000 people attended the SIM shows. The international participation of music industry professionals and artists continues to grow. For 2018, SIM will welcome guests from Australia, Canada, Portugal, Argentina, UK, Spain, Chile, Uruguay, France, Germany, Angola, as well as a special mission from Palestine. In 2017, the first edition of the SIM Awards honoured outstanding companies, platforms and artists from that year. For 2018, the awards will continue to be a highlight of the conference. Two new initiatives are gaining strength and space beyond the event: DATA SIM (a market research center sponsored by Natura Musical, with the support of JLeiva) which aims to analyze the economic and social impact of the local music industry, as well as encouraging the private sector and improving dialogue with public institutions; and SIM Transforma, in partnership with Fábricas de Cultura, which brings workshops and training to the outskirts of the city, throughout the year, as well as identifying new music talents. SIM São Paulo is also embarking on becoming a new company, formed by partners Fabiana Batistela (creator of the project), José Messina (from Unidéias) and Luciana Lombardi (from Dançar Marketing). More about our partners: Oi Futuro will participate in the conference programming at various times. Among the activities, it will discuss the different paths for the future of the music ecosystem, through its newest LabSonica program, in partnership with the Rizoma Aceleradora de Projetos Culturais. This will feature an exclusive meeting with specialists from the music market as well as a keynote presentation to the participating audience at SIM São Paulo. A previous meeting will also take place in Rio de Janeiro, at the headquarters of the Oi Futuro Institute. Natura Musical is the main sponsorship platform of the Natura cosmetics brand. Since 2005, the project has invested R$132 million in 367 music projects in Brazil. The 2017 edition selected 33 projects throughout the country. In São Paulo, Casa Natura Musical has become an important venue for the active music scene, and will be a partner of SIM’s nightly programming once again.

SIM São Paulo 2018 Centro Cultural São Paulo + 30 venues Date: 5th to 9th December Programme: Opening party, daily showcases, nighttime programme, conference, networking & business

PRO-BADGE: R$ 200,00 (Early bird – until 30/09) R$ 280,00 (Smart rate – until 30/11) R$ 350,00 (Late rate – from 01/12) Badge holders have access to all events and activities at SIM São Paulo.

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