SIM São Paulo launches annual prize recognizing new artists and initiatives in the music industry

It’s not a coincidence that the São Paulo Music Week takes place in December. This is the month for closure, for looking back at the achievements, for reflecting about what didn’t work out, for meeting up with friends and peers, for exchanging insights and for planning the next 12 months. It’s also the time celebrate the milestones as well as to renew the energies. Throughout the year, we’ve come across people, projects and artists who literally deserved a prize for the footprint they left, or for transforming the marketplace. Well, so let it be!

SIM São Paulo celebrates its 5th edition in 2017 by launching the SIM Prize, which commend and honor the best initiatives of the year in the music industry. There are only four categories, three of them with 10 nominations each, selected by the SIM board.

>>> PROJECT OF THE YEAR: award for a project successful throughout the year. A marketing campaign, a festival, an enterprise or a professional who created something special, an innovative artistic endeavour or a new music movement. Anything goes, as long as music is the central theme and it had a positive impact on the marketplace.

>>> INNOVATION: only category open to non-Brazilian applicants. The focus here will be new tools, start-up businesses, apps and innovative initiatives that could trigger a revolution in the sector through the use of technology and research.

>>> NEW TALENT: rising artists in the early stages of their career that have drawn attention throughout the year. This could be to their body of work, their performance, their stance and artistic contribution. Artists in which we trust!

And the fourth category, with a single nomination and winner:

>>> LIFETIME CONTRIBUTION TO MUSIC: this prize will recognize and honour someone who devoted their life to music, whose contribution spans over decades with various achievements, and who has built a reputation through important efforts for the Brazilian market, thereby becoming a reference in the sector.  

The winner will be selected by the market itself, i.e. accredited industry pundits and delegates at SIM. The voting will take place in the virtual pro-area on the website as well as in loco during the event.

The nominees will be announced on November 1st throught SIM’s various channels, and the Award Ceremony will take place during the conference on December 9th at 19:00 at Centro Cultural São Paulo

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