Connecting with Brazil

por Robert Singerman (CAB)

There are various ways to improve your presence in the Brazilian market. Of course, if you are already a worldwide superstar, your agent can contact their promoter and top festival contacts, or top Brazilian booking agents, and get big shows booked in the top markets of Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and Porto Alegre, with shows in other major cities also possible.

If your artist is well-represented in the global services; YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, etc. or has a well known sync placement in a Brazilian or global campaign, or is somehow on the Brazilian radio playlists, or has a significant number of social media fans in Brazil, then it should be possible, with some effort and research, to find a Brazilian agent who might be willing to represent the group and book a tour, or at least one or more festival appearances.

This generally means that there could be a worldwide record label and publisher, or at least a distributor with some influence in the Brazilian market. Another way of adding to the chances for success is with an artistic collaboration with a well-known Brazilian artist, like Emicida, with the right song, or feature.

The record label Som Livre is also a great option for artists looking for a Brazilian deal, with some recognition and songs that work in the sync market, as their parent company, Globo, places lots of music in their “soap operas” tv shows, which can launch Brazilian careers, as well as owning many important newspapers, web properties and radio stations.

There are a few Brazilian companies who do license international masters, Having a knowledgeable partner, or better yet, team of partners, in Brazil is normally essential to any success. Often the local publisher can also assist in contacts, possible syncs, touring and radio promotion. Publicity is also very important and there are companies, like Inker, that have represented many international artists very successfully. Brasil Calling is a music blog that can be useful for information.

If the music is vocal and is sung in a different language than Portuguese, I’d highly recommend having lyric translations available, as often the TV stations in Brazil add their own “pirate” lyric translations just to satisfy the demand of the audience, who are usually not multi-lingual.

There are various live circuits; the festival circuit, the SESC circuit (for more culturally relevant shows) and the less developed club circuit. There are also the showcase music conference festivals as live options for showcasing opportunities. Crowd funded tours for artists with a cult following started in Brazil with Queremos, which is now an international company; We Demand.

Different genres of music, especially Metal, EDM, Jazz, World, Indie, Blues, all have their own Brazilian champions and experts; from journalists, to radio dj’s, to clubs, promoters, agents, festivals and publicists.

It is not simple to break into any international market, but a useful guide to the Brazilian market can also be found on the CIMA website.

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