The Prêmio SIM honours Miranda and rewards resistance

The Prêmio SIM (SIM Award) echoed strongly the sensation of "resistance" that permeated much of this year’s conference. In its second edition, the award highlighted artists and projects that position themselves and transform realities through music, especially Carlos Eduardo Miranda and his immense contribution to music. The political tone was reiterated during the awards ceremony in which Luedji Luna and Edgar were joint favorites in the New Talent category. The resistance of the black community was awarded in the Project of the Year with Aparelha Luzia. And in the Innovation category, the Keychange was chosen, showing the importance of the discussion about gender parity in the music industry.

The Contribution to Music award was presented by Pena Schmidt, winner of the category in 2017, in a tribute from SIM São Paulo to producer Carlos Eduardo Miranda, who passed away in March this year, aged 56. Miranda turned Brazilian music on its head ... several times. His list of collaborations and successes was immense and was his passion for life. In his honor, the SIM Prize presented a mini-documentary featuring Samuel Rosa (Skank), Fred Zeroquatro (Mundo Livre S / A), Branco Mello (Titãs) Rafael Ramos (Deck), Digão (Raimundos), Gabriel Thomaz (Autoramas), Dudu Marote (producer), Jaloo, Adriano Cintra (CSS) and Letz Spindola (producer), among others. To receive the award, his wife Bel Hammes took the stage: "Knowing Miranda, he would have laughed at being nominated. He always said we have to be together in joy and sorrow. So the message is this: just joy."

In the Innovation category, the winner chosen by SIM São Paulo's audience was Keychange, a platform that seeks parity between men and women in festival line-ups around the world. At SIM São Paulo on the previous day, Vanessa Reed had Vanessa Reed had celebrated the fact that 150 festivals (including SIM) have engaged in the Keychange pledge and at the same time Primavera Sound have announced that they have also achieved a 50-50 gender balance for next year's programme. The Prêmio SIM was a crowning moment: "This award was a surprise! I spent the day touring around São Paulo and did not really expect this. Innovation only happens with diversity and with women being part of it. This is important. This award is important to Keychange. Thank you, Fabiana Batistela for the work you do in SIM," she said.

In the New Talent category, a tie echoed the result of the first edition, won by both Giovani Cidreira and Larissa Luz: for 2018, the event’s participants acknowledged the beautiful work of Luedji Luna (born of the encounter between blackness, spirituality and urban culture) and Edgar (who released "Ultrassom" in 2018, an album that embraces rap, electronic music, northeastern rhythms and rock); both shared the top category. "2018 has been a blessed year, but also a year of struggle, especially being a black woman, and working with a team of black women. This award is for black women, and for Bia Ferreira and Drik Barbosa as well. Long life to all the quilombos of our country, " she celebrated. Edgar was taken by surprise: "I was going to see the Teto Preto show," he confided, celebrating his award.

A place that became one of the most important spaces of black resistance connected to culture in the city of São Paulo, Aparelha Luzia received the Prêmio SIM for Project of the Year. It is a cultural center and an urban quilombo founded in the center of the city of São Paulo in 2016, hosting parties, courses, exhibitions and debates. The name is a reference to the cells of resistance against the military dictatorship of 1964, and also a homage to Luzia, the oldest human fossil from Brazil. "There are many similarities with the reality of the 1960s, when we lived the military dictatorship," explained the representative of Erica Malunguinho, creator of the project and elected state deputy of the city of São Paulo in 2018. "And Luzia is a relevant symbol because even the fire at the National Museum of Rio de Janeiro can not burn our ancestry," she added.

This year, two new categories debuted at the conference: the SIM São Paulo Spotify Music Award of the Year went to Romero Ferro's "Pra Te Conquistar", in the public vote, and to " Banho " by Elza Soares and "Bichinho" By Duda Beat in the critical vote - in another draw. Playlists with the Top 10 2018 are available on the SIM São Paulo channel on Spotify.

SIM also welcomed Gabriel Thomaz, lead vocalist from Autoramas, to talk about the winners of the sixth edition of the Gabriel Thomaz Prize for Brazilian Music (at SIM São Paulo for its third year): "O Jeito de Errar" by Molho Negro won Top Track; the Best Concept Album category was won by Asteroides Trio with the album "Geração Drosóphila Melanogaster"; the Coolest Artwork award went to Leandro Dexter and his " Sangue de Androide"; the Top Business Venture went to Psico BR; the category "These Are Good (I Should Know; I Played on Them)” awarded "Para Alto and Avante" by the Autoramas.

In 2019 there will be more!

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