See the daytime showcases schedule for SIM São Paulo 2019

Between December 4th and 8th, SIM São Paulo gathers representatives of national and international markets in the capital of São Paulo for a marathon of panels, debates, workshops, speed meetings and a lot of shows.

The daytime showcases, that take place on December 5th, 6th and 7th, from 3 to 9pm, at Sala Adoniran Barbosa (Centro Cultural São Paulo), are always one of the highlights of the programming.

There are a lot of artists interested in the opportunity to show their work to many professionals of the music industry like festival programmers, music venues' owners, labels, editors and journalists: in 2019, there were 2785 applications from 26 brazilian states and 37 countries.

SIM Advisory Board selected 30 artists for 20 minutes performances that are open to the general public with free access. The singer MC Tha, from São Paulo, enters the list of already announced attractions, replacing the norwegian Dagny who cancelled her visit to Brazil. 

Lear more about the artists and the schedule:

December 5th - Thursday

3:00pm - Ziminino (BA)
Ziminino was created from the vanguard spirit of Rafa Dias (Àttøøxxá) and Ricô Bass (OQuadro), with the collaboration of USA's afroelectronic scene producer Chief Boima. The duo's afropop reflects the urban and contemporary music production from Bahia. 
3:40pm - Jéssica Caitano (PE)
The multifaceted artist from Pernambuco brings sounds and references from the northeast of Brazil to her songs and lyrics. Her deep knowledge on the regional folklore united with electronic elements build her "rap repente" (a caracteristic improvised rap from the northeast of Brazil).

4:20pm - Forró Red Light (DF)
Electronic bases are the starting point of this project from Distrito Federal. Geninho Nanacoa and Ramiro Galas promote a reinterpretation of the most traditional and dancing brazilian rhythms to create a futuristic version of the culture.

5:00pm - ELSZ (Australia)
Raised between Sri Lank and Australia, ELSZ unites emotional and spiritual aspects into the songs. Their experiences with racism, gernder violence and a war brings a sound that walks through an emotional Avant-pop and an experimental R&B.

5:40pm - MC Tha (SP)
The artist from Cidade Tiradentes (a neighbourgood in the east of São Paulo) promotes a dialogue between popular music and funk. She released her first album, Rito de Passá, bringing a delicate voice and engaging beats through her most intimate memories and vast musical baggage.

6:20pm - BRVNKS (GO)
Indie and punk rock elements combined with soft vocals are the mark of BRVNKS' work. She called out attention with her first EP, playing in many stages and festivals around Brazil. In 2019, she released her debut album, Morri de Raiva, keeping her irreverent and bittersweet tone.

7:00pm - BandAdriatica (Italy)
The cheerful sound of BandAdriatica mixes different languages with elements from the mediterranean sea and traditions from the south of Italy. With the knowledge of the musical matrices of Albania, Macedonian, Croatia, Serbia and North Africa, they create a powerful and dancing music.

7:40pm - Conexão Diáspora (SP)
The MC's Alomia (Colombia), Sjota (Brazil), Bixop (USA) and Kunta Kinte (Senegal) mix their cultural baggage from their native countries to create the energic and modern sound of the group. With 3 released singles, they prepare their fist album for the beggining of 2020.

8:20pm - Romero Ferro (PE)
The singer and songwriter from Pernambuco has more that 2 million digital plays on his contagious songs. He recently released his second album, FERRO: a dive into the pop and the new wave universe.

9:00pm - Rosa Neon (MG)
Formed in 2018 with the mission of releasing 8 music videos in 8 months, the group conquered the public with their extrovert repertoire and pop sound. With their self-titled album recently released, the group have been in many festival and stages all over Brazil.


December 6th - Friday

3:00pm - Aiza (Canada)
With influences from R&B, soul, funk, afro-pop and an explosive stage presence, the canadian caught the eyes of public and critics, singing in French and English. Aiza is also an actress and comedian and will soon be on the Netflix original show Jupiter's Legacy.

3:40pm - Guitarrada das Manas (PA)
The duo from Pará unites the instrumental experimentalism with the regional sonority. With Beá on the synths and programming, and Renata Beckmann on the guitars, the project is pioneering for adventuring in the "guitarrada", a genre from Pará that was, until then, dominated by men.

4:20pm - Rodrigo Alarcon (SP)
The artist merge samba, rock, baião and other brazilian rhythms while singing about the simplicity of his daily life. His debut music video, "O lado vazio do sofá", went viral on YouTube, and took the artist to festivals and stages from all over Brazil with his debut EP, Parte.

5:00pm - Josyara (BA)
The outstanding touch of the guitar is the conducting wire of Josyara, a singer and songwriter born in Juazeiro, on the countryside of Bahia. She conciliates noises with tranquility, bringing her sensitive eyes on the daily life, the experience in the big city and memories of the country side.

5:40pm - Bia Ferreira (SE/RJ)
Guided by jazz, blues and soul, her songs educate and bring awareness to the public. She just released her debut album Igreja Lesbiteriana: Um Chamado, where she express her life purpose: never to be silent in front of oppression.
6:20pm - Pedro Mafama (Portugal)
Pedro Mafama brings together the tradition of fado, kuduro, kizomba, reggaeton and the darkest of traps. His wide radar and power of fusion are translated into originality and bursted in the live performances.

7:00pm - Selo Trava Bizness (SP)
Idealized by the artist Malka, the record label Trava Bizness is the first one to be focused on transsexual artists. The label brings the diversity of queer music in genres that go from MPB to rap with the many colors that run through the cultural production of the transgender community.

7:40pm - Yorka (Chile)
The musical project of the sisters Daniela and Yorka Pastenas transforms intimacy into songs, with dancing melodies and folk ballads. Powerful lyrics allied to the harmonious voices of the duo make each show an unique experience.

8:20pm - Jonathan Ferr (RJ)
The pianist mixes jazz, neo soul, hip hop and electronic, breaking the structures of the traditional jazz. He released his album Trilogia do Amor in 2019, that quickly called attention and put his urban jazz in important lineups like Rock in Rio 2019.

9:00pm - Luedji Luna (BA)
Luedji Luna brings together sounds like MPB, african rhythms and jazz, with lyrics that approach the afrobrazilian identity. The artist has been conquering her audience in and outside of Brazil, presenting in international events like SXSW and Brasil Summerfest NY.


December 7th - saturday

3:00pm - Julieta Laso (Argentina)
The magnetic and engaging voice of the artist dialogues with tango repertoires and milongas. In her solo work, Julieta, who was part of Fernández Fierro Typical Orchestra, modernizes the tradition with lyrics related to diversity, and flerts with the underground of Buenos Aires.

3:40pm - Throes + The Shine (Portugal)
Throes + The Shine brings a mix of kuduru, rock, electronic, R&B, hip hop and disco. With Angolan roots and residence in Porto, the group is highlighted by their vitality and suprises the public with their effusive and singular performance on stage.

4:20pm - Saskia (RS)
Composer, producer and DJ, Saskia has a sound that is difficult to classify. Using samples, beats, instruments and pedals, she sings about the city's anguishes and has been getting compliments with her recently released debut album, Pq.

5:00pm - Taco de Golfe (SE)
The young instrumental rock trio Taco de Golfe comes from Aracaju with references that go from jazz to math rock. With 2 EPs and 1 released album, the band has been circulating in self-managed tours all over Brazil and being complimented on their vigorous performance.

5:40pm - Nación Ekeko (Argentina)
Diego Pérez' solo project merges ancestral melodies, shamantic voices, new technologies and pre-colombian instruments. When live, he interacts with other artistic languages, like painting, dance and projections in an unique sensorial experience.

6:20pm - Glue Trip (PB)
The band from Paraíba mixes elements from dream pop, psychedelic rock and electronic in songs that are sang in English. The project collects solid numbers on the digital platforms, played in many regions of Brazil and prepares to explore the market outside of Brazil.

7:00pm - Hot e Oreia (MG)
Hot e Oreia gets out of the obvious and presents the psychedelic rap of their recenly released album, Rap de Massagem. With satires of the actual government and inspiring ancestry, the duo rises as a revelation of the new hip hop scene.

7:40pm - Sturle Dagsland (Norway)
With a wild and unique performance Sturle Dagsland captivates the audience and takes the listeners on an adventurous, surreal and beautiful journey. He creates music with a dark, ethereal and irrefutable intensity that enchants the audience and leaves no one feel indifferent.

8:20pm - Sinta a Liga Crew (PB)
With lyrics against sexism and prejudice, the group seeks to strengthen and potentialize the visibility of the women's production in hip-hop. Dance hall, reggae, reggaeton and a little bit of samba and MPB are part of their recipe.

9:00pm - Terno Rei (SP)
Terno Rei brings an indie sound with some pop influence in their album Violeta, released by Balaclava Records in February of 2019. Currently, the group takes their songs about love, existential conflicts and brief moments of celebration to many stages in the country.

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