Coy Freitas: “Without music this journey would be very hard”

By Izabela Delfiol


We continue with the series #BehindTheSIM, which tells stories about the professionals involved in São Paulo's International Music Week. In the thirteenth chapter, we interview Coy Freitas, creative director of many projects and strategic consultant of SIM São Paulo.

SIM's partner from the beginning, Coy Freitas has been connecting brands with the music market for years now, but his trajectory starts at the end of the 80s, as a DJ organizing parties. “Afterwards, around the 90s, I opened my first night club (Kashimir) and then a sequence of enterprises in the nightlife of São Paulo. At the end of the 90s, I started to produce raves and, at the beginning of the 2000s, I started working in projects of big brands, creating, making curatorship and artistic direction. I stayed for a couple of years in agencies and entertainment companies (BFerraz, T4F, XYZ) and in them I got the opportunity to make very incredible jobs, like Sonar 2004/Nokia Trends, Smirnoff Experience, Planeta Terra, VIA Gol, Skol Music, among others,” he remembers. 

Coy acts in SIM São Paulo helping to plan and seek strategic partnerships. "In 2013, when I was one of the creators and took over the artistic direction of the project, I did the bridge between the brand and SIM. Since then, my relationship with [the event] started to evolve, as a member of the Advisory Board until 2019, when I got closer to Fabiana Batistela, in the strategic planning as well as the development of commercial plans for sponsors, and then, taking over the commercial area.”

To him, SIM has a fundamental role in the professionalization of the Brazilian music market: "led by Fabiana with great mastery, [SIM] is a collective of special people, united to make music feasible in a very high standard. One of the main strengths of the event is the fact that it became the big point for exchange and promotion of knowledge, networking, showcasing, business... the increasing participation of professionals from other areas that somehow are related to music, the audience that likes and consumes music, the artists and professionals directly connected to music are the ones that allow the market to become more and more organized, professionalized and productive”.

In his years of experience, the consultant saw many changes in the music market, from vinyl do CD and the crisis of physical media to the rising of streaming. Since it couldn't be different, the relationship with music and brands also changes. “Everything is very cyclic, with big changes and evolution. At the time I started, the brands' projects were who kept Brazil in the route of international artists mainly from the alternative scene, the mid-stream," Coy recalls. And adds: "From a few years to now, an enormous change, led by Rock In Rio and Lollapalooza, by the explosion of independent festivals and parties all over the country, the brands stopped being owners and began to be sponsors”.

He explains the role that the advance of technologies represent in this process of changing the relationship between music and brands: "Nowadays, you can't think of an event and then come up with the content, currently, each project should be thought out for every platform, expanding the vent and its live experience to the digital platform and knowing how to transform its audience in a channel. I think we have an enormous diversity of cases of relationship between brand and music, brand and artists, brand and collectives, in production, promotion and creation of experiences. It's a world of possibilities that have been explored, renewed and continued. Everyone wins with that”.

“Music is medicine, it has this capability of bringing ancestrality for us to strengthen our being from the root. Without music, this journey would be very hard", he comments on another important bond, between music and spirituality. "We live a very difficult time, where values are being put to the proof. In this territory, just like everything else, music has a fundamental role... it guides us, it heals us, it allows us to access subtle frequencies, open our hearts to the beauty of diversity, it inspires compassion, communion, catharsis. It also has the ability to silence and prepare us for meditation, Millenial technologies that are at our disposal, and with discipline, rigor and dedication, we can have music as a powerful ally in our evolution".

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