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The most populous country in the world also has its own speakers of Portuguese, and will be hooking up with its counterparts in Brazil. The cultural festival This
is My City – Interactive Creative Network, from Macau, will be heading up the
Chinese contingency and bringing over Guangzhou-based indie folk band Wu
Tiao Ren to SIM São Paulo 2018.

After more than 400 years of Portuguese occupation, Macau has been a Special
Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, since 1999 and since 2017 has been part of UNESCO’s network of Creative Cities, with a rich nightlife that today generates billions of euros with the gaming industry, the main pillar of its economy.

This Is My City is an event dedicated to urban culture, technology and innovation
that brings together professionals from the creative industry in the Pearl River
Delta, promoting portuguese-speaking culture in the region and the region in the
portuguese-speaking culture.

Wu Tiao Ren express the impact and contradictions of globalization in China. In Mandarin and other Chinese dialects, they sing the joys and anguish of young people who living in big cities, through a folk-punk aesthetic that expands the
Chinese tradition with psychedelic echoes. Maotao (vocals and guitar), Renke
(vocals, guitar and accordion), Junni (bass) and Changjiang (drums) have received awards such as the Chinese Music Media Awards and the Taiwan Golden Indie Music Awards. They are featured in the SIM nightly schedule, which
will be announced soon.