SIM launches a research centre on the music market in Brazil

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Announced during the award ceremony at last year’s SIM São Paulo 2017, DATA SIM will provide an important role in the local industry. The project will supply socioeconomic and demographic data on the music market, with analysis of its size, structure and relationship with other sectors of the creative industries.

DATA SIM is a pioneering action, as there is no institute or research agency in Brazil focused specifically on the music market, with the aim of understanding its dynamics and results. At the helm of the initiative are Fabiana Batistela, director of SIM São Paulo and Inker Agência Cultural, and Daniela Ribas, PhD in Sociology, Director of Sonar Cultural Consultoria e Pesquisa, and member of the SIM Advisory Board.

“One of the goals of a research center is to show the Government just how robust the music industry is, its importance to the country, and how it could increase with support. The planned researches will benefit mainly those who work in the music chain,” explains Fabiana.

The first research programmes have just been announced. One of them will analyze the economic and social impact of SIM São Paulo itself, and the methodology will be used, starting in 2019, to examine the importance of music festivals for the national and regional market.

Also planned is an extensive study in four parts of the music industry in the city of São Paulo. How much does the music scene generate for the state of São Paulo? This will entail a baseline study of the principal players, including agents and promotors, and venues, clubs, festivals, parties, collectives, etc. The study will also cover the creative industries (artists, studios, music schools, etc.), the music industry and the musical instruments industry.

Responsible for the country’s main culture surveys, JLeiva Cultura & Esporte is a partner in the project, with sponsorship from Natura Musical and support from TNT Energy Drink support. Joining the group as a consultant is renowned industry expert Pena Schmidt.

For data analysis of the direct, indirect and induced economic impact, demographic profile and consumption of live music, DATA SIM will be joined by FEA Júnior, a company of the Faculty of Economics and Administration of the University of São Paulo, and Sympla, the largest national ticket company.

“We’ve spent a good part of 2018 planning DATA SIM. It was important to understand exactly what numbers need to be examined, what is the priority of each survey and what partnerships are necessary for the studies to be carried out with quality,” says Dani Ribas.

The result will be a complete analysis of the musical ecosystem of the capital of São Paulo, identifying the areas of growth, which will provide a basis for the production of strategies that increase the economic and social benefits for the entire sector and for the region.

The model applied in São Paulo can be used for other cities and will underline the importance of the sector in Brazil. As well as building a national identity and transforming society, music promotes economic development through the emergence of new business, growth in the supply of jobs, tourism and the export of cultural products.


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Natura Musical is the main sponsorship platform of the Natura cosmetics brand. Since its launch in 2005, the program has invested R$132 million in sponsorship of 367 projects – including CDs, DVDs, shows, books, digital collections and films. The 2017 programme selected 33 projects throughout Brazil. The artistic works renew the musical repertoire of the country and are regularly winners of national and international awards. The programme’s online platform brings new music to over half a million followers. In São Paulo, the Casa Natura Musical venue has become a fixture for the vibrant Brazilian music scene.