Bloco das Divinas Tetas


At the end of 2015, four friends came together to create what would become the biggest carnival band of Brazilia. In an unpretentious but very careful way, the idea of bringing the sound of Tropicália to the streets began in 2016's Carnival and took more than 10.000 people in front of the stage! In that same year, the big band began its Carnival Party, event that fomented the existence of the block and took the carnival out of season to the public of the city. In 2017, Divinas Tetas increase its audience to more than 20,000 people and the band won the prize of Best Carnival Street Band by the jury of Correio Braziliense, the biggest newspaper in town. This year, Divinas consolidated itself, bringing more than 50.000 people to enjoy original carnival arrangements of the best of Caetano, Gilberto Gil, Novos Baianos, Mutantes and Tom Zé. Three years, 14 members and much work, Divinas keep spreading joy, energy and love.

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