DAYTIME SHOWCASES 2019: Submission Rules

SIM São Paulo gives the opportunity for artists and bands to perform at Centro Cultural São Paulo on December 5th, 6th and 7th, from 3pm to 8:30pm, as part of the professional schedule of the event.

Showcases are short performances with the intent to introduce an artist/band’s performance and material for a specialized audience of music industry representatives, fellow musicians, media members and other professionals from Brazil and many other countries. It is a promotional investment from artists and bands willing to expand their network, find opportunities in new territories and make deals.

DAYTIME SHOWCASES 2019 Submission Rules


- All applications for the DAYTIME SHOWCASE 2019 should be submitted via a specific form on the official website of the event between June 24, 2019 and August 09, 2019.

- The final list of selected acts will be announced on September 09, 2019 on the official website and social media channels of SIM SÃO PAULO.

- No physical material will be accepted. Any information submitted outside the official form will not be considered.

- Applications are open to any artist or band with original songs from any city, state or country.

- Bands or artists who were selected and played in one of the 3 last editions of SIM SÃO PAULO can not apply for DAYTIME SHOWCASE 2019.

- A total of 27 artists or bands will be selected to perform at SIM SÃO PAULO 2019. The selection will be made by SIM São Paulo’s advisory council, formed by Brazilian music industry professionals and specialized journalists, according to the following criteria:

1) Artistic quality and originality of the submitted material: songs, recordings, videos and text;

2) Acceptance of the terms and conditions contained herein;

3) Professional level of the artist or band, considering the technical quality of the presented material, musicianship, and level of commitment with career development;

4) Availability and interest in expanding the network, and book new shows in new markets outside the local area of artist/band;

5) Fitting in the event concept, and demonstration of new musical trends;

- All performances will be hosted at Sala Adoniran Barbosa, at Centro Cultural São Paulo (CCSP), located in Rua Vergueiro, 1000, Paraíso, São Paulo capital where all the conferences, business and networking activities will be held.


- Respect and accommodate the musical performance to the technical rider provided by SIM SÃO PAULO 2019. The technical rider will be assembled by a professional team, with professional quality equipment, in order to attend different sets. The complete list of equipment will be sent to the bands selected until October 31st.

- All bands and artists will have access to a collective backstage, with standard amenities to all participants.

- The performance should last 20 minutes. Late performances and sets over 20 minutes will not be accepted, in order to avoid conflicts with other showcases.

- The time between sets for line check and assembly is 20 minutes.

- The specific time and date of performance will be provided by the organization of SIM SÃO PAULO and should be respected and followed rigorously.

- SIM SÃO PAULO is a business event, so there is no remuneration or reimbursement of expenses for the performances that are selected for the showcases.

- A Professional tech team will be available for all performances, including a FOH engineer, reference monitor engineer, light operator, VJ, and roadies.

- The showcases will be easily accessed by all credentialed music professionals at the SIM São Paulo, and also available to the general public for free.


- All members of the selected artist/band will receive a PRO-BADGE (individual and non-transferable) which provides free entrance in all areas and events of the SIM SÃO PAULO 2019.

- Each artist/band will receive 2 extra PRO-BADGES for members of the team (e.g. producers, managers, publicists).

- Additional PRO-BADGES can be purchased by artists for a promotional price of R$ 50,00. Limit of 3 BADGES for artist, until November 30th or until we sell out.

- All selected artists and bands will be announced in the website, folder, app, social media and public relations channels of the event.


- By submitting the application form and participating in the event you agree and accept all terms and conditions contained herein.

- The selection process is exclusively managed by SIM SÃO PAULO’s Advisory Council, and its decision is final and indisputable.

- For further information, please contact:
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