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Hello! Welcome to SIM São Paulo!

In order for you to enjoy the event and the city in the best way possible, we prepared a guide with important and relevant informations.



The city of São Paulo in on BRT (Brasília Time/UTC - 3 hours).



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Official Hotels
- Mercure Bela Vista
Rua Maestro Cardim, 407 - Bela Vista
Check-in: 12:00 pm | Checkout: 12:00 pm | Breakfast included
- Ez Hotéis Aclimação
Avenida Armando Ferrentini, 668 - Aclimação
Check-in: 2:00 pm | Checkout: 11:00 am | Breakfast non-included



The conference of SIM São Paulo takes place at Centro Cultural São Paulo (CCSP), which stays next to the subway station Vergueiro (Line 1 - Blue) and offers a place to park your bike (bring your own lock).

Besides the CCSP, SIM São Paulo also extends its Night Program throughout many music venues in the city.

Check the complete subway map here.

The price of the unit tickets for subways and trains (CPTM) is R$4,30, and their opening hours vary between weekdays and weekends. The CPTM (trains) open daily at 04:00 am, and the subways at 04:40 am; they both work until 12:00 am from Sunday to Friday and, on Saturdays, they work until 01:00 am.

Some stations have both subway and train lines. There are different hours in every station when you can walk freely among them. See more about it on the subway and CPTM websites.


- Bus:

The buses of São Paulo are monitored by SPTrans and can drive freely on exclusive corridors and lines during rush hours. The passenger enters the bus from the front door, and leaves through the back. Apps like Moovit help on mapping routes and also share itineraries and schedules.

The buses are also priced at R$4,30; some buses are intermunicipal and can have a higher price. The app we suggested also has that information. We advise you to always have some smaller bills and coins to make it easier when paying the bus, subway and train.

Important: the buses in São Paulo don’t work for 24h. However, there is the Rede de Ônibus da Madrugada (Night Bus Network, in free translation), which goes from 12:00 to 04:00 am, with reduced lines and fleet.You can see more about the night buses here.


- Bikes:

The city of São Paulo has almost 500 million kilometers of pathways appropriate for circulation of bikes, scooters and others. There are also a few recreation pathways, which are temporary and work on Sundays and national holidays, from 7:00am to 4:00pm, with specific signaling.

On subways and trains, bikes are allowed on the last wagon. From Monday to Friday, after 8:30pm; on Saturdays, after 2:00pm and on Sundays and holidays, the entire day.

If you don’t have a bike, there are many systems to rent one in the city, like CicloSampa, Yellow, Grin and many others; besides the option for scooters.

Learn more on SP de Bike.


- Taxis/Mobility Apps:

Normal Taxis in São Paulo are identified by their white color and red license plate. Taxis charge according to the meter located in the car dashboard. There are three different categories: regular, special and lux. By law, every taxi must accept debit and credit cards. 

Regular taxis charge a flat rate of R$4,50 which is added to the amount set by the meter, that changes according to mileage, date and time.

Rate 1: Mondays to Saturdays, from 6:00am to 8:00pm - R$ 2,75/km.

Rate 2: Mondays to Saturdays, from 8:00pm to 6:00am, Sundays and Holidays - R$ 3,58/km

Besides taxis, there are also some apps working in São Paulo where you can order a car via smartphones, such as Uber, 99, Cabify, Lady Driver and others


- Cars:

If you want to rent a vehicle, pay attention to these details:

Circulation of vehicles in São Paulo is on the right side of the road;

There is a municipal rotation of vehicles applied to cars and trucks. It consists on a relay that goes accordingly to the final number of the license plate and also the day of the week. These vehicles are forbidden to circulate in the Centro Expandido (Expanded Downtown, in free translation) from 7:00 to 10:00am and from 5:00 to 8:00pm. There is no rotation on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. Follow the chart below:

Day of the week
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Final number on the license plate
1 and 2 3 and 4 5 and 6 7 and 8 9 and 0


You can learn more about São Paulo’s rotation and traffic here.  

It is possible to park vehicles on the streets, but only where is indicated. There are places that is only allowed to park if you pay and fill out the Blue Digital Card (CAD).

Foreigners who wants to drive in São Paulo wil be able to do so for 180 days after entering the country. The conductor should have a license from one of the authorised signatory countries of Vienna Convention. It is also necessary to carry your original Driver's License, respecting its expiration date, besides any document of personal identification. 

Important: it is extremely forbidden to use cell phones while driving. It is also not allowed to drive after drinking alcoholic beverages. The violation these rules are punishable by a fine, confiscation of the driver’s license and being taking into custody.



If you need to buy a SIM Card, you can find it in a Claro or Vivo (brazilian telephone companies) store at Shopping Pátio Paulista, near CCSP. 

How to make a phone call from Brazil? We recommend downloading WhatsApp on your phone. It is an app that allows you to exchange text, audio and video messages, besides the option to make video and audio calls to everyone in your team, as well as for anyone who has the app.

Brazil's country code is 55 and São Paulo’s code is 11. 

For international calls, dial: 

  • 00 (international prefix number) + 15 (Vivo’s code) or 21 (Claro’s code) + the number of the city code + number of the landline or cell phone 

To call a landline or a mobile, dial:
- 8 number of the landline or 9 numbers of the mobile

For long distance calls, dial:
- 0 (long distance prefix number) + 15 (Vivo’s code) or 21 (Claro’s code) + number of the city code + number of the landline or cell phone 

For international calls, dial: 
00 (international prefix number) + 15 (Vivo’s code) or 21 (Claro’s code) + country code + city/area code + landline or mobile phone number



While the event is happening at Centro Cultural São Paulo, there will be a food fair in the Rooftop Garden. Besides that, CCSP has its own restaurant called Nordic Food. 

Around CCSP, you will be able to find good options of different kind of foods. There is Jaber (Arab), Halim (Lebanese), JoJo Ramem (Japanese known for their lamen), Rong He (Chinese), Tandoor (Indian), Ponto Chic, the food court at Shopping Pátio Paulista, and a lot of other options.



In São Paulo, the standard voltage is 110V; brazilian power plugs of 220V will be signalized. The standard plug is NBR 14136 (compatible with EUROPLUG). 

You can also buy a plug adapter in places like:

Americanas Local
Rua Vergueiro, 1283 - Paraíso
Americanas Express
Alameda Santos, 38 - Paraíso
Av. Bernardino de Campos, 37 - Paraíso



Currency Exchange in November 20th
1 USD = R$ 4,20
1 EUR = R$ 4,64

Forex Cambio
Rua. Domingos de Morais, 770

Cotação Cambio
Shopping Pátio Paulista | Rua Treze de Maio, 1947, Piso Maestro Cardim, Archway 101A



(11) 2445-2945 - Guarulhos Airport (GRU)

(11) 5090-9000 - Congonhas Airport (CGH)

0800-2853047 or (11) 3775-3850 - Airport Bus Service

156 - Municipal Buses

193 - Fire Deartment

0800 570 0100 - Post Offices (lost and found)

199 - National Guard

180 - Specialized Stations of Attendance to the Woman

197 - Civil Police

190 - Military Police

191 - Federal Highway Police

192 - SAMU (Ambulance Service)

150 - Health Surveillance Department

- Tourist Safety:

Ports and Airports Police Division, Tourist Service and Dignataries Protection:

Rua São Bento, 380 - 5º Andar - Centro. Tel:  (11) 3107-5642 ou (11) 3107-8332.

1st Police Station Specialized in Tourist Service (DEATUR):

Rua da Cantareira, 390 - Centro. Tel:  (11) 3120-4417



Hospital Santa Catarina
Av. Paulista, 200 - Bela Vista 
Hospital Paulistano
Rua Martiniano de Carvalho, 741 - Bela Vista 
Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz
R. Treze de Maio, 1815 - Bela Vista 
Hospital Beneficência Portuguesa
Rua Maestro Cardim, 769 



Drogaria São Paulo 
Av. Paulista, 266 - Bela Vista 
ou Shopping Pátio Paulista | Rua 13 de Maio, 1947 - Bela Vista 
Droga Raia
Av. Bernardino de Campos, 158 - Paraíso
ou Shopping Pátio Paulista | Rua 13 de Maio, 1947 - Bela Vista 
R. Maestro Cardim, 852 - Liberdade 

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