SIM São Paulo announces important partnership with the Argentinian Ministry of Culture

We are very proud to annouce another important partnership for the São Paulo Music Week 2016, which takes place from December 7th to 11th. The Argentinian Ministry of Culture will sponsor two Argentinian bands, which will perform twice each one of them at SIM São Paulo 2011. One of the performances will take place during a special Argentinian night on December 9th (write that down!), in a venue tbc.

The consultative council of SIM São Paulo picked both bands. They are: Mi Amigo Invencible, a an alternative rick sextet formed in the city of Mendoza and now based in Buenos Aires, and part of the independent label Fuego Amigo Discos‘ portfolio; and Un Planeta, a dream pop quartet from La Plata represented by the independent label Dice Discos.
Mi Amigo Invencible already has six albums under their belt. The latest one “La Danza de los Principiantes”, launched in November 2015, is the final piece of a dramatic trilogy based on the irrevocable and the irreversible. According to the Argentinian Rolling Stone: “Just like with Arcade Fire or Broken Bells, the Mendoza sextet blends fragments of pop with folk verve in “La Danza de los Principiantes”, an intelligent album shifting away from the indie tone from their previous word”.

Un Planeta will perform their album “Refugio”, from the end of 2014. The album saw a remix version by key artists of the Argentinian alternative scene launched in 2015. The Argentinian Rolling Stone picked “Fuego III” as one of the top songs of the year, plus a four-star review to the album. They claimed: “Un Planeta seeks to reinvent space through space synthesizers and guitars in order to enrapture pop music”. They put it more succinctly: “The future is here”.
This is the first time the two bands will come to Brazil. Unmissable!

A committee of Argentinian professional will also attend SIM in December in order to build up the relation between the two countries, to establish a dialogue and new partnerships with Brazilian professionals.

That’s it. #SeeYouAtSIM #TeVeoEnSIM #TeVejoNaSIM

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