DATA SIM investigates women in Brazilian music

How do women in the music market see themselves in five years? The new DATA SIM research entitled “Women in the Brazilian music industry: Barriers, Opportunities and Perspectives” will answer this and many other questions about females in the music universe.

The data collection started in the third edition of the Women’s Music Event (WME) in March 2019, and it will continue until the end of the year. The results will be presented in the seventh edition of SIM, which takes place between December 4th and 8th, available for free on DATA SIM’s website.

“It’s essential that we have a database that understands the relevance and the participation of women in the music market. The female is present in the entire production chain, however her presence often gets entirely obscured, such as in the technical areas”, comments Claudia Assef, journalist, producer and founder of WME.

This is the first study about female participation in the Brazilian music market, and it’s compatible with the research piece “Women In The U.S. Music Industry: Obstacles And Opportunities” by Berklee College of Music and Women in Music (WIM), which interviewed 2,000 women in 2018 in order to assess the American landscape.

“It’s important that the data is compatible with the American research so that we understand the differences and similarities between the two markets. This could enable international collaboration projects and initiatives that support development projects aimed at women in the music market”, affirms Fabiana Batistela, director at SIM Sao Paulo and DATA SIM.

“SIM’s initiative promoting market research and mapping is extremely important. We need to understand where we are in order to carry out the necessary changes in the medium and long-term. I know female executives who spend their careers in the shadows of large market executives. It’s about time these women take up their places and allow other females to flourish in their positions. It’s both urgent and necessary that all women take part.”, adds Guta Braga, an expert in copyright management and a member at WIM Brazil.

The research will also reveal the initial diagnostics of the Brazilian market. Its aim is to generate reliable data about the newly launched SatéliteLat network for women in the Latin American music industry.

Since its early years in 2015, SIM Sao Paulo has adopted gender equality as a key criterion both in the event activities (showcases, talks, etc) and in the production, curatorship and management teams (which operate all year long). Such effort has been fruitful, as SIM has realised a significant growth in female participation in the marketplace (not just in the event per se, but also more broadly, in the entire industry).

Such perception established the questions on which the research is based. In the next few years, DATA SIM will evaluate whether our objectives have been achieved, and the largest barriers that females have encountered in their professional career.

The data collection for the research “Women in the Brazilian music industry: Barriers, Opportunities and Perspectives” is being conducted through an online questionnaire, with interviewees from all regions of Brazil.

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