Petrobras Música em Movimento shortlists Fixe Festival

The word “fixe” [pronounced “fee-shee”] is Portugal slang for “cool”, “fab” or “trendy”. It can be applied to people, places, food and songs. In this case, it lends its meaning to the new project established by Fabiana Batistela (founder of SIM Sao Paulo): Fixe Festival.

Portuguese language is the official tongue at FIXE. Its objective is to connect lusophone (Portuguese-speaking) countries - such as Brazil, Portugal, Cabo Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique and Macau - through their brand new artistic output. Music will be at the forefront, however it won’t be on its own. The program also flirts with theatre, audiovisual, literature, visual arts, gastronomy, fashion and design.

The project aims to improve the relationship between countries and regions that speak Portuguese through arts, thereby establishing new partnerships, highlighting individual histories, identifying new trends and creating an up-to-date landscape of each region. To boot, it will generate new consumers for lusophone productions in Brazil and vice-versa.

In addition to the event itself, the project also aims to organise and to articulate a network of culture creators and entrepreneurs. They will remain connected throughout the year throuch a digital content platform.

The Petrobras Cultural Program is currently considering the Fixe Festival, under the Musica em Movimento (Music in Movement) category. There were a total of 2,214 applications, and only 19 projects were shortlisted, eight in the concert circulation category, seven in the medium-sized festivals and four in special projects. They include: Xênia França’s new album, which will be launched in audiovisual format; the Virtual Museum Itamar Assumpção, an online platform about the life and work of the eponymous musician, curated by his daughter Anelis Assumpção and the researcher Flavia Nascimento; and other established festivals such as MIMO (Olinda International Music Festival) and Se Rasgum (in the Amazon city of Belém). Click here for the full list.

The line-up of the FXE Festival will take place during four days, including roundtable discussions with new lusophone writers, theatre performances, an audiovisual showcase, a visual arts and design exhibition, a gastronomic event and music concerts from Portuguese-speaking countries and regions.

We anticipate that FIXE will be held in other cities across the world in the following years, including Lisbon, Porto, Luanda and Macau.

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