DATA SIM and the SateliteLat Network are some of the highlights at FIMPRO 2019

By Dani Ribas

Between May 27th and and 31st the 8th edition of FIMPRO - International Music Fair will be held at Guadalajara, Mexico. FIMPRO is is the most important expo in the Mexican market and one of the largest in Latin America.

I also took part in the speed-meetings representing SIM Sao Paulo and I met many artists interested in all of Latin America. Amongst the showcases, I would like to highlight the Canadian artist Pierre Kwenders, who delivered an impressive performance at the venue Bismarck, and also the Brazilian Luiza Lian, who went on tour in other Mexican cities after the event. The selection of artists in the showcases had the input from SIM director Fabiana Batistela, who was a member of the juri at the event.

This year FIMPRO was also the congress host for ISPA - International Society for the Performing Arts, an international association established in 1948 and headquartered in New York. Under the topic “The Fortress is Inside Us”, the ISPA conferences took place alongside the FIMPRO debate panels. Both the dramatic arts and music - both performance arts - benefited from the transversal discussions proposed at the joint event.

My first activity was the presentation of the research piece “Music Market in the City of Sao Paulo - Part 1 - Spaces for Live Music” from DATA SIM, on the first day of the ISPA congress, on the roundtable "Data Intelligence for the Arts”, alongside Philip Cox (from the consultancy LaPlaca Cohen, headquartered in New York). Igor Lozada, Director of the Secretary for Cultural Diffusion at the University of Guadalajara,  moderated the discussion. It was truly gratifying to see people interested in the research, and how the findings establish a dialogue not just with the music but also with the theater world. Many representatives from smaller theaters spoke to me after the presentation, arguing that many of the questions surrounding the music clubs also tallied with independent theaters. We already knew how important this data is for the music industry, but it was the very first time we saw these numbers benchmarked against dramatic arts and the challenges that they face.

My second activity was in a closed meeting of an event entitled Iberoamerican Market Meeting, with Circulart, MAPAS, MIIM - Mercado Internacional de la Industria Musical, Imesur Chile, Corriente - Encuentro por la música, PULSAR Chile, Isla Viva Galapagos Music Conference, plus our hosts from FIMPRO. The demand for data in these markets is enormous and DATA SIM can indeed contribute to the construction of these numbers, and the interpretation of the special moment lived at Latin America in the international market context. I left the meeting feeling very confident that the fairs play a very important role in this ecosystem.

I also partook in a roundtable that became of the biggest highlights of the 2019 program “To work in the Music Industry from a Female Perspective”, alongside Paula Rivera (INAMU-Argentina), Noela Salas (IMESUR-Chile), Monica Saldaña (Festival Nrmal-México), moderated by Ana Rodriguez (manager of the Mexican band Troker). I presented data from the research study “Women in the Brazilian Music Industry: Barriers, Opportunities and Perspectives” and I spoke about the importance of us women sowing the seeds for a more equalitarian market, and the fruits that we are already harvesting. The initiative SateliteLat of Women in the Music Industry was also presented, of which I am one of the brazilian women. The debate was very passionate, with full house of both women and men willing to contribute towards a less unequal and more feminine marketplace.

I noticed that there were very few Brazilians at FIMPRO. The reason certainly isn’t lack of Mexican interest in the Brazilian market. I will certainly return because Mexico has a leading role in the Latin American and global markets, plus it’s a gorgeous country with many work and exchange possibilities for Brazilian professionals. See you soon, Guadalajara!


Translation by: Victor Fraga

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