The role of SIM in the internationalization of business for Montalvão

By Isabela Yu and Katia Abreu

SIM São Paulo is a great catalyzer for meetings: market professionals from all parts of Brazil and the world attend the event in order to strengthen partnerships or build new contacts. With this in mind, the series Humans of SIM bring to you inspiring stories of the people that attend the event. The second episode is about the producer, tour manager and booker Carlo Bruno Montalvão.

Montalvão is a regular at SIM and other music conventions across the globe. He’s the type of professional that understands the importance of establishing and retaining connections in order to function in an increasingly globalized market. He was born in Aracaju (in the Brazilian Northeastern state of Sergipe) and he spent several years in Rio. Nowadays he spends little time at his current home is São Paulo as he’s often touring with the acts that he manages through BRAIN Productions Booking.

“It was during SIM Sao Paulo that the idea suddenly snapped up, and I realized that I could expand the territory of my artists, building tours abroad, thinking beyond what happens in here, in a far more global way”, remembers the producer, who is responsible for booming the Brazilian concerts of ANEMONE and Les Deuxluxes (Canada), Jonathan Bree (New Zealand), Mint Field (Mexico) and Reptaliens (USA), plus promoting the national and international circulation of the Brazilians acts The Baggios (Sergipe), Glue Trip (Paraíba), Ema Stoned (São Paulo), My Magical Glowing Lens (Espírito Santo) and Atalhos (São Paulo).

For him, the biggest challenge while selling a name for talent buyers and festivals in other country is to demonstrate the worth of each artist, particularly if the contractor has never seem them perform. He highlights the importance of showcases in international industry events: “The artist can present a shortened version of their performance and work to a selective and refined public composed of the biggest market professionals in Brazil and the world." Montalvão himself has a number of partnership that started in such events: “We have just closed a deal with Glue Trip, a contact that started at SIM 2018”.

The participation of The Baggios in the SIM 2016 showcases helped to open up doors: after the presentation, the band was invited to play in the Canadian festival Pop Montreal, and Brain Productions was invited to represent Brazil as an official delegate at the event. “The Baggios were also invited to play in Argentina, Chile and Colombia, which will likely take place in the future”, says Montalvão about future plans for the band, which has just celebrated its 15th anniversary and toured Europe for the very first time, visiting countries such as Italy, France and Switzerland in March and April this year. “All 22 performances in this The Baggios tour were remunerated, including accommodation, food, a van with backline and tour manager. It did not return a profit, but we had everything paid for and we managed to sell some merchandize. That’s an important step when opening up new territories: there were 23 cities in three new countries.”.

There are many plans for the future, including partnerships with the French firm SUPER!, the agency that operates in Europe and the US Zuma Bookings and the American labels Luminelle Recordings, Immigration Records and MISRA Records. Montalvão has confirmed his attendance in another edition of the event: “We are anxious to present new ideas at SIM 2019. We have to work twice harder now given our socio-political landscape at present, but it’s important to carry on with the plans, to stay active and focused”, he affirms.



Translation by: Victor Fraga


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