LATAM is the official airline of SIM 2019!

SIM São Paulo signed a partnership with LATAM AIRLINES that will give exclusive benefits for all professionals, partners and artists participating in SIM. Are you planning on attending the event? Enjoy the discounts available for airline tickets, cargo shipment (LATAM Cargo) and car rental (Unidas).

Take a look at the advantages and enjoy:

LATAM AIRLINES has exclusive fees for who comes to participate in SIM São Paulo 2019. Just go to and inform the code below according to your origin.
E0FOU for Brazil/São Paulo/Brazil
for South America/São Paulo/South America
for Europe e North America/São Paulo/Europe e North America

* This condition is valid and exclusive to the people attending the event, with tickets issued between December 2nd and 10th of 2019;
* The prices depend on the seat availability and specific rules/restrictions of each fee;
* In cases of tickets issued in other dates out of the ones negotiated, the discount doesn't apply;
* Discount not valid for promotion fees;
* Discount not valid for people under 12 years old;
* Discount valid for routes operated by LATAM;


SIM participants will also have advantage on LATAM's special cargo service. If you're coming to the event with equipment or promotional material that needs to be shipped, enjoy the discounts that can go up to 50%.

It is necessary to get in touch with LATAM CARGO within 10 days prior to your departure and inform that you are coming to Semana Internacional de Música de São Paulo. To understand how you can use the discount, click here.

Furthermore, LATAM AIRLINES and its partner Unidas have a discount of 60% on car rental. Access Unidas' hotsite, choose the best option and enjoy your stay in SIM São Paulo.

If you prefer, get in touch with our travel agency - Bird Viagens - for more information. Bird can also help you find the ideal hotel in São Paulo for your stay.

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