DATA SIM releases research about the impact of SIM São Paulo 2018

For the second year, DATA SIM, SIM São Paulo’s research group and data management hub, conducts a study about the relevance of the Latin America’s biggest music convention. SIM 2018’s Impact Research brings a new and more refined methodology to measure SIM’s economic, cultural and social developments for its participants and for the city.

To be able to handle a complete analysis of the music ecosystem, dimensioning the real extent of the industry and its socioeconomic importance to the city of São Paulo, nothing better than getting to know a little bit more about you, your relation with music and the sixth edition of the event that happened in 2018.

If you, artist or music professional, participated of SIM São Paulo’s sixth edition, answer to the research and help us build data that demonstrate the strength of music to the cultural market.

The form will be sent through e-mail to all accredited delegates of SIM 2018. It is made of multiple choice questions and is really simple to answer. It takes about 30 minutos and in case you need a break, you can return to where you stopped. Just access the same link, with the same email and device (computer, tablet, cell phone) used to start answering.

And there’s no need to worry: your data will be kept in secrecy and won’t be disclosed. SIM 2018’s Impact Research will be presented at CCSP during SIM’s seventh edition that happens between December 4th and 8th of 2019.

It’s very important that you answer until the end and provide the correct informations. The results rely on the data collection in order to considerate the complexity and potency of the music industry and to influence in the construction of adequate policies.

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