SIM announces first partners and expected numbers for its seventh edition

In December, the seventh edition of São Paulo’s International Music Week occupies many spaces in the city with artistic and music business tendencies from Brazil and the world.


São Paulo, october of 2019 – São Paulo’s International Music Week, that happens from December 4th to 8th of 2019, revealed this monday, October 28th, the names of the first sponsors and partners of this edition. Considered to be one of the main meeting points for music in Latin America, SIM São Paulo has, for the second consecutive year, Oi’s sponsorship, Oi Futuro’s support and the signature of the event’s Official Beer from Budweiser.

SIM’s 2019 edition also has support from Secretaria Municipal de Cultura de São Paulo, Centro Cultural São Paulo, LATAM AIRLINES - as the official airline - and Fogo de Chão as the official restaurant, besides international music support organizations.

Present for the second consecutive year, Oi acts as a creative catalyst, urging people through art, stimulating co-creation and promoting access to culture in the digital era through its innovation and creativity institute, Oi Futuro. “SIM is the most important space for debating on Latin America’s music system. Two years ago, Oi Futuro created LabSonica, a lab of artistic experimentation, going from the stage to the end of sound’s productive chain. LabSonica is the meeting point of creators and offers the infrastructure needed for bands, musicians, producers, researchers, independent labels, developers and other talents to execute their projects and enable productions. Oi Futuro and SIM connect, transform and meet in São Paulo”, affirms Roberto Guimarães, Oi Futuro’s Executive Culture Manager.

"Budweiser has always been present in the musical universe, side by side with artists and their fans. Present in the main moments of music history, we support not only reputed artists, but also the rising and independent artists that are on the way to achieve their space. Every year we’ve been expanding our role in this scenery, fomenting the independent music scene and bringing new experiences for music lovers. SIM São Paulo is proof of our commitment”, tells Ludmila Kaminskas, Budweiser’s National Culture Manager.

Another strategic partner is Sympla, managing platform of PRO-BADGE, the credential which gives access to the SIM São Paulo’s exclusive content. “Sympla always supported the music scene in Brazil, being in festivals, shows or parties. We know the relevance of SIM in the market, that grows every year bringing new tendencies, innovation and essential content for music. This is one of the reasons why this partnership happens since 2013”, explains Karla Megda, Head of Business of Sympla.

A platform that gathers professionals from all over the world in the capital of São Paulo to debate perspectives and present tendencies of the music market, SIM São Paulo 2019 will have more than 90 panels on its Conference, besides meetings, meetups and networking cocktails. There will be more than 400 live performances on the Daytime Showcases and Night Program, which will occupy around 50 of the main venues of São Paulo, showing the diversity in global contemporary music and its tendencies for the next few years. It is expected to have over 40000 people circulating through the 5 days of the event.

The presence of international trade missions with music industry professionals and artists is already confirmed. In 2019, SIM welcomes guests from Quebec, Australia, Portugal, Argentina, United Kingdom, Spain, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, France, among other regions of the planet.

“Despite the moment of political turbulence, the market still attracts investors and international partners interested in Brazil”, explains Fabiana Batistela, Director of the convention. “We are an industry made of talented creators and professionals that always stood on its own. And we will keep on achieving and growing”, comments. 

At each edition, SIM São Paulo points out tendencies of the market and encourages the questioning and articulation of new strategies for culture, stimulating the formation of support and partnership networks to strengthen the creative and productive chains. In this seventh edition, the event once again has Centro Cultural São Paulo as its base. That is where SIM’s PRO-AREA stays, a space where you can find important market agents, like festivals and label owners, programmers, curators, digital distributors, influencers and artists.

The accredited delegates can start their connections since before the event, accessing the Virtual PRO-AREA at It works as a digital community for music professionals from all around the world. “It’s an extension of SIM on the digital environment, where all the accredited delegates will be in touch with each other, and they’ll be able to exchange contact informations, schedule meetings, apply for the pitches and vote for SIM Award, besides receiving informations and content of SIM on first hand”, tells Fabiana. 



Launched in 2018, DATA SIM has been doing researches and studies focused on the music market and sharing their results at During SIM 2019, DATA SIM will present the results of the unpublished research “Women in the Music Industry in Brazil: Obstacles, Opportunities and Perspectives”, compatible with the research “Women In The U.S. Music Industry: Obstacles And Opportunities” from Berklee College of Music and Women in Music (WIM), which investigated the feminine presence in the north-american market. Furthermore, it will also show an in-depth analysis about SIM São Paulo’s socioeconomic impact in the market and the city of São Paulo. 



Since 2015, SIM promotes monthly actions in the outskirts of São Paulo with SIM TRANSFORMA. In 2019, the activities started on June and have been in neighbourhoods such as Jardim São Luís (June), Brasilândia (July), Capão Redondo (August), Vila Nova Cachoeirinha (September) and Jaçanã (October). In November, it will happen at Jardim Ângela, in partnership with the collective A Banca, on December 31st.


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