Sponsor of SIM 2019, Oi invests in culture and launches LabSonica

São Paulo's International Music Week aims on promoting the meetings of professionals from the music market, coming from different places of Brazil and the world, to establish connections, debate ideas and incentive innovative projects. And for the second consecutive year, SIM São Paulo counts with Oi's sponsorship and Oi Futuro's support.
Oi acts as a creative catalyst, driving people through art, stimulating the co-creation and promoting the access to culture in the digital era, through its innovation and creativity insitute, Oi Futuro. One of the rooms of SIM gets the name of Sala Oi LabSonica, where producers, artists, jornalists and other professionals discuss trends and news of the music industry.
Besides signing the name of the room, representatives of Oi and Oi Futuro participate in panels throughout the conference and are also present in the jury for pitch of brazilian festivals, on December 6th (Friday). Oi Futuro is in the program presenting results of Programa ASA (Arte Sônica Amplificada), that promotes the acting of women in the music ecosystem, and launching Aceleradora LabSonica, that will choose artists from all over Brazil in 2020 to receive mentoring for career development.

Luciana Adão (cultural sponsors coordinator for Oi Futuro's incentivated projects) takes part on the debate about innovation through technologies and emerging practices, approaching the ASA Program on December 5th (Thursday), at 4:00pm, at Sala Oi LabSonica. Project of Oi Futuro with British Council, in partnership with british institutions Lighthouse and, it enables feminine professionals through mentoring and workshops, incresing in this way their acting in the music market. That's why it's nominated for the SIM Award 2019 in the category Project of the Year. Next to Luciana Adão, the panel also counts with Andreea Migdalina (, Emily Kyriakides (Lighthouse/UK), Lone Taxidermist (Artista/UK), Amelia Kallman (Artista/UK) and Cristina Becker (British Council/RJ).
On the next day, Friday, at 2:00pm, at Sala de Debate, Zélia Peixoto, cultural producer of Oi Futuro, mediates the talk with participants os ASA. Julie Sousa, Cris Campos, Angélica Duarte, Patricia Rodrigues and Julia Ricciardi, Taz Mureb, Maria Clara Coelho, Belle Nascimento, Laura Canabrava, Érica Alves, Fernanda Lemos share their experiences and projects developes in the program, and the impact in their careers.
Still on December 6th, at 6:00pm, at Sala Oi LabSônica, Zélia Peixoto also mediates the panel about trigger initiaves cases that put a scene in motion: they started in a small group and created a new cultural movement, changed a scene or the identity of a city. Daniel Jesi (#30dias30beats/PB), Glenn Dickie (Sounds Australia/ Austrália), Yuliana Osorno (Ruta N/ Colômbia), Gonçalo Riscado (MIL, Jump!/ Portugal), Merlijn Poolman (Nightcouncil de Groningen/ Holanda), Natalia Cunha (Secretaria Municipal de Cultura de São Paulo/ SP) take part on the talk.
At Sala Jardel Filho, On December 6th, at 5:00pm, Roberto Guimarães (culture executive manager of Oi Futuro) discuss about how brands and big comapnies use the artistic and communication power of the music scene to contribute on the making of a better future. Ricardo Dias (AMBEV/ SP), Pedro Tourinho (MAP Brasil/SP), Silvia Camargho (Calvin Klein/ SP), Samantha Almeida (Ogilvy/ SP) and Carolina Teixeira (Doritos, Pepsico/SP) also participate on the panel, that's mediated by Coy Freitas (Consultor estratégico/SP).
On Decembber 7th (Saturday), at 5:30pm, at Conecta Sympla, the professionalization of podcasts as a media in Brazil is discussed by content creatos with participation of Julie Sousa, of PodSIM. Created on the first edition of ASA, PodSIM is the first central of podcasts produces and presented exclusively by women in the country. Under mediation of Patrick Tor4 (Rádio Frei Caneca/ PE), Kellen Bonassoli (ABPod - Associação Brasileira de Podcasters/ SP), Fabio Silveira (FastForward/ RJ) and Isadora Almeida (Vamos Falar Sobre Música?/ SP) also participates.
On the same day, at 6:00pm, Oi Futuro launches Aceleradora LabSonica. Constança Scofield (Aceleradora LabSonica/RJ), Felipe Rodarte (Aceleradora LabSonica/RJ), Iuri Freiberger (Gramo Design Estratégico/SP), Yuri Chamusca (Oi Futuro/RJ) talk about Oi Futuro's new program, that will choose artists all over Brazil for career mentoring and artistic residence programs in the studios of LabSonica.

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