SIM Award 2019 had women winning every category

In its third edition, SIM Award, that celebrates the most interesting music initiatives of the year, had women winning every category. With a ceremony that took place on Saturday, December 7th, at Sala Jardel Filho, the event was marked by tributes, thanks and by the political and culture resistance character in Brazil.

All accredited delegates of SIM São Paulo 2019 got to vote, through the Virtual, in one of the 10 nominees of each category: Innovation, Project of the Year and New Talent (see the full list of nominees here). 

The journalist Fabiane Pereira was responsible for conducting the ceremony that marks the end of the conference with a lot of sympathy and resourcefulness. Innovation was the first category to receive the Award and it counted with projects indicated for actions of inclusion, diversity, accessibility, technology and knowledge. The counselors Camilo Rocha and Dani Ribas announced the winning project: the research “Women In The U.S. Music Industry: Obstacles And Opportunities”, from Berklee College of Music and Women in Music (WIM), that investigated the feminine presence in the north-american market and that served as a base for the DATA SIM research, “Women In The Brazil Music Industry: Obstacles And Opportunities”, presented during SIM 2019.

Next, who delivered the Award of Project of the Year were the counselors Coy Freitas and Karen Cunha. In this category, the initiative Escuta as Minas, of Spotify, took the trophy home. The project, made by and for women, promoted residencies in a temporary studio for singles creation and recording for new artists, besides offering workshops and mentoring with reference women from many areas of the music market.

The counselors Mari Martinez and Ricardo Rodrigues had the great responsibility of delivering the Award for New Talent. MC THa was chosen by the accredited delegates as the artist of greatest highlight and rise of 2019. To receive the trophy, her producer, Letz Spíndola, went up on stage and, emotional, revealed that the artist couldn’t be present in that moment because of her religious schedule.

SIM 2019’s accredited delegates and the general public could also vote in their favorite song in the category Top 10 Best Songs of the Year. In the public voting, the single “Ímpeto”, by band Troá with participation of Chico Chico was the winner. On the voting for by the market, it was “AmarElo”, by Emicida, with participation of Majur and Pabllo Vittar, that was the most voted.

Playlist Top 10 Songs of the Year by the Accredited Delegates
Playlist Top 10 Songs of the Year by the Public

Closing the ceremony, there was the category Lifetime Contribution to Music, a tribute from SIM to whom dedicated decades of work to the making of brazilian music market. In the past, the awarded ones were Pena Schmidt (2017) and Carlos Eduardo Miranda (2018). After some suspense, the host Fabi Pereira and counselors Fabrício Nobre and Paula Abreu, the auditorium vibrated with the tribute video to the iconic music venue from Rio de Janeiro, Circo Voador.

In the audience were Maria Juçá, responsible for the space, and Alexandre Rossi, aka Rolinha, house programer, besides the communication and social media team to register the moment. Everyone went up on stage to receive the Award and to thank, a moment that was marked by the political speech from Juçá. She pointed out the difficulties of working with music in Brazil and the significance of Circo Voador as a point of political and cultural resistance that crosses generations. “Let’s keep bothering”, she said, in between applauses.

Besides the trophy, the winners of SIM Award got a travel voucher from Bird, included the stay at Pousada Victor Hugo in Santo André, south of Bahia.


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