Emicida conducts a cult for 6 thousan people at SIM 2019's closing event

Photos: Filipa Aurélio

By Izabela Delfiol

During the three days of SIM 2019’s convention at CCSP, there was a lot of talk about the future, about the place music occupies in the making of this future and what can be done to make it more equal. Then, it’s only right that the first closing event of SIM São Paulo quase on the street and open to the public, with messengers from the future we want to be a part of in its line-up: Emicida, Drik Barbosa and Throes + The Shine.

The celebration took place on Sunday, December 8th, at Praça da Luz, in the heart of the city of São Paulo, in a sunny day that seemed to be especially arranged for those performances and attracted 6 thousand music fans.

Looking around, you could see team members with rue branches behind their ears - a type of prayer for protection and also a reference to “Principia”, opening track for AmarElo, Emicida’s album released in October of this year. Smiles were also present in everyone’s faces, from who was working on stage and the audience who came to prestige the performances.

First attraction of the afternoon, the rapper Drik Barbosa welcomed the audience with her repertoire that goes from social criticism to song about love and celebration, from R&B to 90’s pagode. Followed by a band and two dancers, she put everyone to shake their bodies in the rhythm of music with her contagious energy.

Then it was time for the portuguese trio Throes + The Shine. One of the big revelations of SIM 2019, the band impressed everyone with their mix of rock and kuduro, in an intense and dancing performance. The surprises were on Drik Barbosa’s participation and Mob, the frontman, going to the floor, crossing the security barriers and dancing with the crowd, guaranteeing that moment to stay in everyone’s memories.

Closing the program, Emicida presented the first performance of AmarElo after to sold-out release sessions at Theatro Municipal de São Paulo and its external area, where the concerts were projected for whoever was walking by.

On stage, the scenography and the big screen simulated the stained glass of a church. Combined with the white outfits of the band and and audience crying out with emotion all of the rapper’s rhymes, the atmosphere was similar to a religious ceremony.

"Even the moon came to watch us”, Emicida commented in between songs, pointing out to the rising moon high up in the sky. And as the sun set, the concert went on with the tracklist of AmarElo mixed with hits from the rapper’s career. Smiling, Drik Barbosa came back on stage to sing “9vinha” and was welcomed with excitement from the audience.

After the last song, “Libre”, and a brief pause, the bis had old songs known by the public: “Gueto/Os Mlk é Liso" and "A Chapa É Quente", making everyone jump until the last second. Emicida left the stage followed by screams asking for another song and, after around an hour, he showed why he’s considered one of the biggest artists of today.

A lot more could be said about these hours of event at Praça da Luz, a place armed with cultural equipments and with an easy access to public transport but weirdly ignored by city’s own population. More than spreading concerts through various establishments of São Paulo, “occupying the city” is also about remembering the places and people that can’t be forgotten, filling them with life, recalling that the city is for everyone. And in the future built by SIM São Paulo, no one does anything alone and no one is left behind.

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