GABEU and GALI launch Fivela Fest, the first Queernejo festival of the country

By Redação Fivela Fest

Who said that sertanejo (brazilian country) isn’t song for gays and lesbians? Fivela Fest arrived to show that there is: the Pocnejo, Sapanejo, Travanejo, Não-binejo. It’s the first festival in history that aims to work the representativeness of the LGBTQIA+ community inside this music genre, mixing the moda de viola caipira, sertanejo universitário, american country, brega and pop, resulting in the Queernejo.

Idealized by partners GABEU, pioneer of the pocnejo, and GALI, artist/businessperson non-binary lesbian, the event proposes an unprecedented line-up of other artists who broke the heteronormativity inside the country culture and reconstructed the narrative to stop the prejudices.

“GALI had this insight and called me to help her structure the project. At the moment I thought it was an incredible idea and something really important. I see there’s not a big comprehension when it comes to evidence LGBTQIA+ artists, for example when they say there’s no need for this segregation, that you don’t need to call it pocnejo, that is sernejo without any distinction, and that if I do a good job I’ll be recognized, when that ain’t true”, tells GABEU.

GALI explains how the partnership happened: “I was once a lesbian girl from the countryside and I know pretty well what it is to not fit in the scene. The more I got closer to the queer community, the more distant I got from the modas de viola of my childhood, they seemed like two different worlds. I grew up missing the sertanejo and, since I moved to São Paulo, I thought I would never get back to my roots. Turns out that life surprises us and, all of a sudden, I met GABEU, who was chasing after the same thing as me. I thought: there’s a market here."

Both were born in the countryside of São Paulo (GALI in Ribeirão Preto and GABEU in Franca) and they seek, together, to do a curatorship that builds an identification of the audience with the artists, with the narratives and even the aesthetics. In June of 2020, Fivela Fest will bring to Audio Club many artists of the genre in a historical night that will, absolutely, cause a revolution in the music market.

GABEU questions and ends: “How many LGBTs grew up in the countryside listening to sertanejo? Me and GALI are two good example. Country music is in our roots and if we can’t be a part of it, it doesn’t make any sense.”.

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