SIM 2019 is the richest and most diverse edition in 7 years

Held between December 4th and 8th, the seventh edition of SIM São Paulo was the biggest one yet. Altogether, 3.500 accredited delegates walked through Centro Cultural São Paulo, while 40.000 people circulated through 46 different venues - spread around the capital of São Paulo - at the night program. It also counted with the free closing event at Praça da Luz, with concerts of Emicida, Drik Barbosa and Throes + The Shine. SIM demonstrated its ability to dialogue with all areas of the music industry, occupying the city and public spaces; it expanded the market presence, like advertising and audiovisual; it brought to the conference matters that provided a reflection about how music can help in in the making of a better world.

Partnership and brand support reinforced the event, and sponsorship had an expressive growth compared to last year. Mastercard presented the event and signed one of the most disputed spaces of SIM, the Mastercard Space, located at the Rooftop Garden of CCSP. In there, accredited delegates had the chance to watch 25 brazilian and international showcases (UK, Canada, Portugal, Italy and Argentina had representatives there). They also had the opportunity to be a part of the networking cocktails organized by partners like British Council, INAMU - Instituto Nacional de La Musica de Argentina, SEBRAE-MG and UBC.

For the second year in a row, Oi invested in connections, music and innovation while sponsoring SIM São Paulo, with Oi Futuro’s support. SIM’s 2019 edition also had the support of Calvin Klein, Secretaria Municipal de Cultura de São Paulo (São Paulo’s Municipal Department of Culture - free translation), and Centro Cultural São Paulo; Budweiser was there as the official beer; Sympla, as the official sales platform; LATAM Airlines, as the official airline company; Fogo de Chão, as the official restaurant; Bird Viagens, as the official travel agency; besides the promotion from Globo and Estadão and partnership with Pernod-Ricard, Busca Vida, Licor 43 and other companies and brands. 

Apart from Mastercard Space’s activities and the 30 daytime showcases that brought global music trends to Sala Adoniran Barbosa, SIM promoted another 91 activities at CCSP, running around panels, talks, keynotes, workshops, showcases and networking meetings. The crowded spaces during the entire conference showed the public’s interest in getting deeper into discussions about current issues that take place in the market and also in updating their contact list and consuming professional content. Brazilian and international music icons, from rock and psychedelia to rap and funk, marked their presence at panels and shared their experiences with the audience, like Alceu Valença, Kondzilla, Papatinho, the hip hop legend Fab 5 Freddy, and others. 

More and more, the participation of big market players stimulate the dialogue between different industry areas and show possibilities of music monetization. SIM 2019 welcomed names like Bernardo Bassin Traverso, Music & Artists Partnerships from TikTok; Claudio Vargas, Commercial Director, e Miguelangelo Cariello, Diretor de A&R, both from Universal Music Group; Raphael Vandystadt, Director of Institutional Relations & Sustainability at Africa Agency; Tony Gervino, Executive Vice President and  Editor-in-Chief at TIDAL; Pedro Vilhena, Media Partnerships from Facebook/Instagram; Paul Clay, the mind behind the art exhibition Bjork Digital; Merlijn Poolman, night council of Groningen; besides some of the most important music events programmers like Todd Puckhaber (SXSW/USA), Joakin Morin (Montreal Jazz Festival/Canadá), Andrés González (Circulart/Colômbia), Francisca Sandoval (Fluvial/Chile), Cristina Fina (MediMex/Itália), Ibone Iza Aranguren (BIME/Espanha), Claudio da Rocha Miranda Filhi (Brazil Music Conferente, Rock in Rio/Brasil), involving a total of 198 speakers from 17 different countries and 18 distinct states in Brazil. 

A space in which accredited delegates can connect with other professionals and companies of the market, the PRO-AREA of SIM 2019 counted with a cozy lounge set up by Calvin Klein and the presence companies and brands like LAB Fantasma, CD Baby, Tratore, Punks S/A, Casio, Rozinni, Habro Music and ABRAMUS, who invested in promotional spaces at SIM 2019 ensuring visibility and new connections gathering specialized public around the event.  

For the third year, the Music and Technology Startup Pitches contemplated initiatives relevant for the music market, which were evaluated by a jury made of experienced professionals, like Mariana Otero (Universal Music/SP), Thales Bueno (Google for Startups/SP) and Arthur Fitzggibon (ONErpm/SP), and others. The Brev app, that won first place, will have access to Google for Startups' Startup Zone, besides a media package offered by the agency Muito Interessante. The Brazilian Festivals Pitches, presented to a jury of brands and companies, had its premiere in 2019 and fomented an interesting dialogue between festivals from many regions and musical genres like Rec Beat (PE), Festival Contato (SP) and BR135 (MA), brands like Budweiser, Calvin Klein and Oi Futuro, in addition to Leandro Matulja, from Agência Lema, and Annelize Conti, from Mutato. After the exciting presentations, the jury pointed out the importance of events with a purpose - social, cultural or sustainable - which is what the brands value the most nowadays.

Like every year, SIM also promoted the launching of new projects for the next year, like Oi LabSonica Accelerator, Mapa dos Festivais and S.O.M - Sistema Operacional Da Música (Music Operational System). In the hallways of SIM there were also new ideas coming up from the meetings, like the birth of the first edition of Fivela Fest, created by the artists Gali and Gabeu to increase the visibility of LGBTQIA+ artists in the sertanejo market (brazilian country), showing SIM's calling to welcome and launch trends each edition.

SIM itself launched a new project this year: DATA SIM now offers as a service to other festivals and conventions the "Research of Sociocultural and Economic Impact”. With the new methodology, elaborated by a multidisciplinary ream, the results can be used by festivals as an element of brand, sponsorship and public power negotiation, besides being important instruments of evaluation and planning of next events. DATA SIM also presented the research "Women In The Music Industry In Brazil: Obstacles, Opportunities and Perspectives" and the research of Impact of SIM 2018, that will soon be available at

In addition to the intense movement at the music business sector and establishing their roles a hub of many networks that compose the industry music in the world, SIM 2019 went beyond and brought discussions that pointed an inseparable relation between music and society. Political subjects were all around the event, not only in the speeches of many artists that performed at the daytime and night program, but also as a theme of many panels: from the explosive political moment that Latin America is going through, to the fight against repression in the currency of Brazil, going through the funk, that was celebrated in the Q&A with Konrad Dantas and the panel about the thirty years of this music genre, that had their criminalization mentioned many times around the conference. 

Life quality among the industry's professionals and how music can help the well-being of these people were also theme of disputed panels during the event, showing the importance of matters that are the foundation of many changes which the world and the market are currently going through. Themed on "music discussing the future of the world / the world discussing the future of music", SIM 2019 took the music market to think about their relation with the contemporary world and promises to deepen the debates in 2020.

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