Pitches get music and festival startups closer to sponsors and investors

The Music and Technology Startup Pitches have been happening for three years inside SIM São Paulo’s program and is becoming more disputed each time. In 2019, Sala Conecta Sympla was crowded, on Saturday, December 7th, of an audience curious to watch the 10 brazilian and international initiatives to present their ideas to a jury, made by celebrated professionals and investors. 


Made by professionals like Elisa Carlos (, Vinck de Bragança (ACE), Laura Gurgel (Clube de Negócios), Izabella Neves De Morais (Bolsa de Valores do Brasil), Mariana Otero (Universal Music), Thales Bueno (Google for Startups), Gisele Paula (Reclame Aqui), Arthur Fitzggibon (ONErpm), Aline Felix (MuitoInteressante) and Erick Krominski (MuitoInteressante, Sony Channel), the attentive jury listened every project for five minutes and talked to the creators about the impacts and applications of their ideas.

The best evaluated initiative was the app Brev, that potentializes the bar operations through orders being made by cell phone, decreasing the lines and increasing the sales. Brev will have access to the Startup Zone of Google for Startups, a program for rising startups, besides a media package offered by the content hub Muito Interessante.

The second and third place, represented by the projects Feat. and Sling Musical, had a technical tie. While Feat. is an app of co-creation and collaboration that connects fans and artists so that the musical scenery is reciprocate, Sling Musical is a B2B platform of artists, bands and DJs curatorship for strategic operations of live marketing and brand community.

After the pitches, the brands and investors spent some more time talking with the entrepreneurs, enjoying the space provided by the PRO-AREA to firm new connections. “It was an interesting moment, of breaking the protocol, where people, no matter their hierarchical position or their companies, genuinely connected. It was really exciting because we could see a moment of true exchange, people giving tips, pointing out new paths and renewing their hope vows”, comments Renata Gomes, who mediated the activity. 

Bet in new festivals 
Debuted in 2019, the Brazilian Music Festival Pitches for Brand and Company Jury was also a highlight inside SIM’s program. Ten festivals of different ages and formats, chosen by SIM’s Advisory Board, presented their projects to potential partners and sponsors on Friday, December 6th, also at Sala Conecta Sympla.

The jury of festival pitches counted with the presence of Ludmila Kaminskas (Budweiser), Alan Patrick Crean (Mastercard), Silvia Camargho (Calvin Klein), Luciana Adão (Oi Futuro), Raphael Bello (Bird Viagens), Nayara Ruiz (Bradesco), Leandro Matulja (Agência Lema), Gabriel Temponi (Sympla) and Annelize Conti (Mutato), who evaluated the projects of Rec Beat (PE), Festival CONTATO (SP), Festival Morrostock (RS), Festival Sonido (PA), BR135 (MA), Vento Festival (SP), Festival Mucho (SP) and Festival Latinidades (DF).

The festivals, represented by its creators, presented their values and impacts in the regions they take place, in emotional speeches reinforcing their purposes and that making cultural events at this moment, is now more than ever, an act of resistance. The brands showed excitement and connection with the desire of developing cultural projects of impact, and provoked reflections on how they can insert themselves in these narratives and collaborate with the music market. 

The enlargement of dialogues between music and brands is fundamental for a sustainable industry and, in 2019, SIM São Paulo opened new paths for that.

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