SIM São Paulo 2019 Magazine - What is music doing for the future of the world?

This year was my 20th career anniversary in the music market. During this time I gave birth to hundreds of projects. There were countless ideas that came to life through planning, scheduling and budgeting, and I had to overcome many unforeseen hurdles. In 2019 I also decided it was time to enter a new phase and fulfill one of my biggest dreams and life projects: having a child.

Since conception in March this year, nothing, absolutely nothing, has gone as planned. Dates, schedules, budgeting spreadsheets have been completely ignored by the Universe, and I continue to overcome many unforeseen contingencies and obstacles day after day, one at a time.

How do we keep hope that everything will work out and carry on fighting in order to realize projects and dreams? Two things: 1) Our certainty that, no matter what happens, we are strong enough and we will resist, we will find new ways out, we will keep trying, keep going beyond what is needed; and 2) The power to build a support network around us that will make the path more manageable and even pleasurable.

Have you ever thought about who keeps you going in the hour of despair? What keeps you full of strength in order to break boundaries and to move forward?

The human being is the only living creature born extremely dependent and premature, for biological and survival reasons. For our species, nine months is not enough time to develop babies that come out of their mother’s womb walking and looking for a breast to feed on. Being born ahead of time forces us to forge stronger bonds with our parents and people around us. The more bonds of love and companionship we develop, the greater our chances of survival. It is such bond that organizes and protects us in societies, groups, families or work teams in the music business and that makes us come up with solutions for everything.

An African proverb (I’ve also been told it was Chinese) says that it takes an entire village to raise a child. And nothing makes more sense than that. It is humanly impossible for a new life to be cared for exclusively by the mother; the baby needs a lot more. He needs other references, other ideas, all aspects of a culture, networking and trust, many hands to hold. He needs to hear different accents, to get along with people of different colors, to experiment with various flavors, to listen to manifold sounds. This makes him a better and better prepared adult in order to overcome obstacles. And the more good adults the future generates, the better for my very own child.

It is a big illusion and fallacy to think that we must fight in order to secure just our share of the cake. My baby’s future won’t be promising if his surroundings are no good.

That is why SIM São Paulo’s mission is to create opportunities in order to improve the career and life of others. There is no real project in the music market that survives without bonds of love and collaboration, without setting up a solidary environment. You can’t survive on your own in society and also in the music industry. Attempting to destroy your peers is a harbinger of your very own death. We always believe in the power of someone else’s success. If other companies succeed, so will yours. The more gigs open up, the more venues will follow. The more friends achieve stardom, the higher the odds for you.

We need to pay attention and care for each other, our bonds and demand that society, the market, brands, and government make commitments that will ensure a healthier environment. This is necessary in order to establish support communities and more favorable conditions for our projects and our children.

For the seventh year, the whole world meets at SIM in order to discuss the future of music. But this year in particular we want to invite you - artist and industry professional - to reflect and discuss more ardently and enthusiastically the future of the WORLD. What kind of world is it that we want? Are we taking care of our surroundings, our projects, our children and actually organizing ourselves as a creative community so that we can help each other and generate a better future for everyone?

Can music change the world? I’m very confident that it can. Otherwise, I would not have been on this path for 20 years, let alone with a baby inside my belly.

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