Founder of Jazz re:freshed talks about the importance of institutional support

By Izabela Delfiol


SIM São Paulo encourages meetings: professionals from all areas of the music market attend the convention and expand their horizons and connections. The series Humans of SIM brings stories of people who leverage best of SIM. This episode is about Adam Moses, co-founder and Project Director of jazz re:freshed. 

One of the responsible for keeping UK's contemporary jazz alive, jazz re:freshed is a movement and a label founded by Adam Moses and Justin McKenzie. In activity for 17 years, the organization has been performing different incentive actions to music and audience growing in the british sene, besides promoting it through the world.

Adam doesn't hide SIM's importante since his first time attending the convention and tells whats made him bring jazz re:freshed to Brazil: "The first time I heard about the convention was through Crispin Parry, from British Underground. We had just firmed a partnership with them to take the incredible jazz that was being made in the UK to the rest of the world, and Crispin told how much he enjoyed SIM São Paulo and said we should plan a trip to Brazil. Our first event was in the night program in 2017, in a place that would end up being our favorite music venues in the city: JazzNosFundos/CCMI. It was a very special moment for us and that changed my life".

After three years of partnership and presence at SIM São Paulo, he explains the connections made during the convention days are priceless and are spread all across the gloebe, besides the audience growth for the artists brought by jazz re:freshed. "The data base of musicians, festival producerts, agents, label owners and new fans acquired in Brazil is the proof of how important SIM is [for us].We are working in collaboration with a brazilian festival to bring an artist of ours to create, record and play with young kids from the outskirts", he reveals.

Experient in music conventions, Adam highlights the significance of these events for who works in the area: "SIM São Paulo and many other music conventions are important for you to connect with other people who think like you in the music industry. These events also help us see the reality behind the 'success', it allows you to see how many people are working hard to get there, just like you."

One  of the factors that guarantees the longevity of Jazz Re:freshed is the institutional support the movement gets from organizations like PRS Foundation and British Council, also partners of SIM, and the financing from Arts Council of England. "Actually, England is a small country and, for every music scene to grow or even survive, we haveto bring our music beyond the shores. Our job of highlighting the new british music would be impossible without the financing and it is essential for the growth of our jazz scene", he tells.

Lastly, Adam points out the value of bond between the people who work with music: "The world is a much smaller place than it was 30 years ago. As those who hold the power find more and more ways of splitting us up, separating and isolating, it becomes even more important that the music agents around the world are always connected".

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