Hernan Halak: “If something became clear, it's the role of culture during quarantine”

By: Izabela Delfiol


SIM São Paulo encourages meetings: professionals from all areas of the music market attend the convention and expand their horizons and connections. The series Humans of SIM brings stories of people who leverage the best of SIM. This episode is about Hernan Halak, Directior of Mundo Giras, co-director of Festival Mucho! and vice-president of MMF Latam.

Despite the geographical proximity, the cultural exchange between Brazil and other Latin American countries is no easy task. Hernan Halak, director of Mundo Giras, co-director of Festival Mucho! and vice-president of MMF Latam, knows it very well. Argentinean raised in Brazil, he started his career in the music market in the same year he landed in Brazilian lands, in 2008: “I worked developing the career of Latin-American artists in Brazil and taking some projects to Argentina and Uruguai, making tours. The first important tour was Marcelo D2's in these two countries, which was a success”.

His agency's casting, Mundo Giras, sums up 16 Latin-American artists like Ana Tijoux (Chile), No Te Va Gustar (Uruguay), Scalandrum and Sofia Viola (Argentina). “We also work with projects like the circus, theater and national and international dance, as well as the expo of Argentinean MAFALDA in Brazil", he tells.

An old acquaintance to SIM, Hernan attends the convention since 2013 and tells how it was definitive in his career: "I met amazing people who I'm friends with til today, in Brazil as well as outside of it, since this kind of event has a big mix of different countries. I met Felipe França and until today we share Festival MUCHO!; Bruno Lancellotti with whom I developed the career of Kevin Johansen in São Paulo; Maria Carrascal, from Argentina, manager of Sofia Viola and Fabiana Batistela herself, with whom I have many projects on the works”.

The producer also highlights the night program, that happens throughout dozens of music venues in the city, and the event's power of encouraging meetings. "Today the information flow is enormous and the way of meeting people end up being really fast, but I think the markets work as an anchor of relationships, getting to know and talk to this person that you work from a distance", he explains. 

About the current scenario of crisis in the music market caused by the Coronavirus, the vice-director of MMF Laram believes it is time to update: "I think the market is loosing a lot of economic terrains but it's gaining more space and ways of working and producing concerts. The lives came to stay and represent another way of doing business, which gives the producers more viable options to work on. Spread the options help to enrich the national scene”.

According to Hernan, the moment also asks that the sector put itself in a new place fitting the importance that it has during moments of crisis. "It is the time to expose more the culture and its backstage, that people know who makes it all happen and what's behind an artist. If one thing became clear today, it is the role that culture has in a quarantine. Imagine people without music, movies, TV shows... no one would be able to handle it", he finishes.

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