SIM Transforma 2020 will have virtual panels and mentoring

Created to boost and connect producers and artists from the outskirts with the music industry, in 2020 SIM Transforma broadens the access to training contents on the market with virtual activities.

The actions, which in the last five years happened monthly in neighborhoods at the North, South and East of São Paulo in partnership with Fábricas de Cultura (Poiesis) and local collectives, will now be at the reach of everyone who wants to know better the gears of the music market.

A permanent dialogue platform between professionals of the corners and the downtown of the city, this year SIM Transforma will expand its actions of connection and vocational content, in order to make new professionals and make possible the career development in the music market.

The video-conferences with guests from many areas of the music industry will be available fortnightly (on Tuesdays) on the YouTube channel of SIM São Paulo and on the Facebook page of Fábricas de Cultura. The audience will be able to send questions through Instagram and/or Facebook stories, tagging SIM, Fábricas, and the speaker. The answers will be published throughout the week in the profiles involved.

Besides all that, SIM Transforma will also promote monthly sessions of online mentoring for artists, producers, and cultural collectives of the outskirts of São Paulo with specialized professionals. The calendar of activities will be shared on this website and on the social media of SIM São Paulo and Fábricas de Cultura.


Every fifteen days, SIM invites a professional to tell in a video his trajectory and tips on career possibilities in the area they work in the market. The content will be pre-recorded and available for free, on Tuesdays, at 6 pm, on the YouTube channel of SIM São Paulo, and on the Facebook page of Fábricas de Cultura.

After watching the video, the audience will be able to send their doubts to the speaker through Instagram and Facebook stories. It's necessary to have a public profile, write your question or record a 15-second video and post on your stories tagging the profiles of SIM São Paulo, Fábricas de Cultura, and the speaker, who will be announced every action.

From then, just wait for the guest's answer which will be published on their stories and replicated by the profiles of SIM and Fábricas throughout the week. 

Monthly, a team of professionals invited by SIM São Paulo will be available for online mentoring sessions with artists and produces for many neighborhoods on the outskirts.

To participate, the interested people must wait for the application form to be available on SIM São Paulo's website and fill it out with information about your work/project and which guest would you like to talk to.

The selected projects will have the opportunity to talk and clear their doubts with one of the mentors in an exclusive 20-minute videoconference.

About SIM Transforma
Born in 2015, as SIM Social, it became SIM Transforma in 2016. In these first years, the actions involved panels, workshops, cultural activities, pocket shows, and movies on the outskirts of São Paulo during the conference. In 2017, the project started to grow and, with eight das of actions, it went through the neighborhoods of Capão Redondo, Jardim São Luís, Jaçanã, Brasilândia, Vila Nova Cachoeirinha, among others. From 2018, in partnership with Poiesis, SIM Transforma started to take musicians, journalists, producers, curators and other professionals of the music industry to participate in monthly panels and mentoring sessions at Fábricas de Cultura. In 2020, SIM Transforma starts to offer training content about the music market also on the Internet.

About Fábricas de Cultura
Fábricas de Cultura, institutions of Secretaria de Cultura e Economia Criativa do Estado de São Paulo (Culture and Creative Economy State Department of São Paulo), managed by the social organization of culture Poiesis, are free access spaces that provide many artistic activities. Created with the goal of expanding cultural knowledge through community interactions, the Fábricas offer a diverse cultural program. At the unities, you will find courses, activities, libraries and recording studios. Since March 19th, all presential activities of Fábricas de Cultura managed by Poiesis are suspended. The measure happens according to the recommendations of São Paulo's State Government to fight the spread of coronavirus. Get to know the +Cultura, a platform that gathers in one place all the virtual activities performed by the program:

See also the website and social media of Fábricas de Cultura:

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