Guilherme Thiesen: “Art has a priceless value as a cure propeller”

By Izabela Delfiol


ASIM São Paulo encourages meetings: professionals from all areas of the music market attend the convention and expand their horizons and connections. The series Humans of SIM brings stories of people who leverage the best of SIM. This episode is about Guilherme Thiesen, producer and curator for Agulha.

Guilherme Thiesen today is producer and curator of Agulha, one of the most important music venues in Porto Alegre (RS), but his trajectory starts at his 13, involved with the independent and DIY scene of the city: "Around 1999, I identified myself with the punk/hardcore scene of Porto Alegre and started producing a few small itinerant concerts, first on the streets, where I would build all the structure with the help of some friends on the sidewalks (getting light from neighbors and inviting street vendors to sell beverages) and then at the main music venues in the city, like the old Garagem Hermética and Ocidente (which still is one of the biggest references, completing 40 years in 2020)”.
Besides getting involved with the backstage of the music universe, Guilherme is a drummer and played in many bands, which led him to different parts of Brazil and Europe. And even though his love for the arts surpasses his relationship with music (during the years he lived in Berlin, the producer was also a curator at an art gallery), it is where he finds himself: "In 2014, back in Brazil, I started to study psychology at the same time I played my role as curator and producer in the music area, being my biggest passion the connection and proximity ith artists, creating and giving new meanings to the experience dynamics of the independent scene relations.”

His first contact with SIM São Paulo is pretty different, in the best way, of the majority of stories we usually hear. "I got to know it in 2017, when I saw the first edition of the magazine, with Liniker on the cover, and all the contents of those pages made me want to go there in the following edition. Since 2018, SIM is, for me, this space of exchanges, connections, commercial and sentimental expansions with a lot of inspiration", he recalls. 
For him, SIM is a "sentimental territory", where you build relations that frequently result in good business. But more than booked shows and tours thanks to the convention, Guilherme shares the role the event has on the market articulations: "One of the most special things was to start the connection with the independent music venues in Brazil, that, from SIM and other conventions, this year will get an association, being born in such a sensitive time for all of the music/creative industry".
During the coronavirus crisis, he's been more a psychologist than a producer, working on sheltering networks in this critical time. One of the most repeated words in this period, "transformation" is also quoted by Guilherme as one of the keys for the music market to survive this crisis: "In a broader way, I believe that the transformation the virus is bringing is promoting analysis on the base of our projects and mainly the way we relate, pay, organize, promote and, above all, see this complex market. In practical terms, I believe the pandemics will bring larger proximity, a larger carefulness with the concerts, the way of making and distributing music".
The producer also mentions a "going back to the roots" and small stages, since crowd gatherings will be avoided for an indefinite amount of time: "We'll have to go back to concerts for 100-300 people, depending on the size of the space and also with the necessary sanitary solutions, making even big artists turn to these small places to be in touch with the audience".
Optimistic, Guilherme sees how people's relationship with what is a place is already changing as it stops being possible to cross long distances to see a performance: "We're getting to know artists who are close to us, the essential part for all of this to happen, with the technicians responsible. And above all, I hope, we are awakening the consciousness to the priceless value of art as a healing propeller, inspiration and as one of the biggest companies facing a pandemic".

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