Learn more about the professionals that are part of CCSIM 2020

Since 2015, SIM São Paulo Director, Fabiana Batistela, invites specialists who operate in different regions and sectors of the music industry to build a program that shows the diversity and challenges of our time.

And every year, the Consulting Council for SIM São Paulo (CCSIM) welcomes new members. To think and formulate SIM’s eighth edition, there are 42 key professionals in the Brazilian music market and who already have a confirmed presence in SIM 2020.

Learn more about the trajectory of the members of CCSIM 2020:

Alê Briganti is bass player and singer of the band Pin Ups, was artistic director of label Roadrunner Records, stayed for 15 years in the Artistic Relations Department of MTV Brasil, worked in the career internationalization for rapper Criolo and did the artistic production of TV Shows like Clubversão (HBO), Autênticas (GNT) and Tá Pago! (TNT).
Ana Garcia is director of the festival No Ar Coquetel Molotov and works in the executive production of Festival Virtuosi. Winner of the WME Awards 2019 for Entrepreneur of the Year, she has produced tours of international artists such as Beirut, Ibeyi, Sebastian Tellier, Dinosaur Jr., Teenage Fanclub and Brazilians such as Thiago Pethit, A Banda de Joseph Tourton, Barro and others.

Ana Morena is a producer, curator, musician, partner and creator of DoSol, a cultural combo that turns 20 years in 2021 and involves a label, festival, incubator and several cultural projects. She is also a bass player for Camarones Orquestra Guitarrística and participates in other bands such as Talma&Gadelha, Aiyra and Bandíssima.

Anna Penteado is a producer, curator and responsible for Vento Festival. She works on several fronts, producing audiovisual content, artists, teaching and always researching new sounds. She also provides consulting services for brands, artists, agencies and in 2020 began managing the career of artist Tiê.

Camilo Rocha is a journalist, DJ and music researcher with 30 years of experience in Brazil. Today he is a special reporter for Nexo Jornal, where he covers culture, music and technology. Pioneer of the electronic music scene in the country, he has already performed as a DJ at Rock In Rio, Virada Cultural, Skol Beats, Universo Paralello, Capslock, Selvagem and VoodooHop.

Carol Morena is a cultural producer and one of the creators of Festival Radioca, where she also does curatorship and general coordination. Founder of Tropicasa Produções, she manages the career of the Bahia singer-songwriter Ronei Jorge. 

Chico Dub is a curator of Festival Novas Frequências and manager of Incidências Sonoras - a platform for experimental music and sound art linked to Coincidencia, a cultural exchange program between Switzerland and South America.

Ciça Pereira is a public policy manager at USP and partner and founder of Zeferina Produções, which currently manages careers, projects and makes the commercial representation of artists such as Fabriccio, Mulamba, Quebrada Queer and others. In addition, she is the creator of the AFROTRAMPOS initiative.

Cláudia Assef is a founding partner of Women's Music Event (WME) and coordinator of Centro Cultural Olido, in São Paulo. Author of the books "Todo DJ Já Sambou" and "Ondas Tropicais", she is also a DJ, music producer, as well as a journalist with a passage through the main Brazilian newspapers, magazines and websites dedicated to music.

Coy Freitas is an artistic director and curator of the music platform Devassa - Tropical Transforma and responsible for the vertical of Music in Twitch. He also takes care of SIM's strategic-commercial planning.

Dani Ribas is a research director at DATA SIM. She holds a Ph.D. in Sociology of Music, teaches courses in Cultural Management at FESP SP, UNICAMP and Vivo Rio Academy and provides consultancy for planning and management of careers in music, based on data analysis and public behavior trends.

Daniela Rodrigues is Rashid's manager and director of Foco na Missão Produções e Merchandising, an office that manages the musician's career and his clothing brand. Since 2012, she acts as executive producer, being in charge of negotiations, planning and dissemination of the rapper's work.

Evandro Fióti is an artistic manager, musician, producer and artistic director. Together with his brother, Emicida, he created the label, publisher, producer and brand Laboratório Fantasma. He launched himself as an artist in 2016 with the EP Gente Bonita and has traveled stages in several cities of Brazil and the world.

Fabiane Pereira is a journalist, presenter, musical curator and screenwriter. She is presenter and idealizer of Papo de Música and columnist of Veja Rio. She also presents the radio program FARO, on Rio de Janeiro, and the program Palco Brasil, on Portuguese radio Marginal FM.

Fábio Silveira is a music planning and release consultant, journalist and editor-in-chief of the Fast Forward podcast, as well as producer of other podcasts. He was the country manager of Altafonte distributor in Brazil and also the marketing manager of independent label Deck.

Fabrício Nobre is director of Festival Bananada, artistic programming consultant for Grupo Vegas (Cine Jóia, Z - Largo da Batata and Bar dos Arcos) and founding partner of Braba Música, responsible for the management of artists such as João Donato, Tulipa Ruiz, Felipe Cordeiro, Hellbenders and the Portuguese Paus and The Legendary Tigerman.

Felipe França Gonzalez is director and founder of Difusa Fronteira, manager of the musical projects Francisco, el Hombre, Juliana Strassacapa, Sebastianismos and BABY; booker in Latin America of Lenine, Baleia and Muntchako; director and curator of the Festival Mucho and member of MMF Latam (Latin American Managers Association).

Flávio de Abreu is ahead of Scubidu Music, a music agency specialized in international tours, label and career management and is the manager of the legendary musician Hermeto Pascoal and the singer-songwriter Anelis Assumpção.

Juli Baldi is the creative director of Bananas Music, a music curator for brands and of Mapa dos Festivais, a search engine for music festivals. She also works as a consultant for festivals and conferences, artist residencies and public notices. She worked as a radio broadcaster at Ipanema FM and Oi FM and signed the music talks program of Festival Path for two years.

Juliano Zappia is a journalist and producer, providing bridges between Brazil and Europe since 2001. He's director of YellowNoises (Lisbon), JungleDrums (London) and Sete Mares. 

Junior Carvalho is part of the Curatorship and Content team of Grupo Vegas, in the programming of venues Z-Largo da Batata and Cine Joia and coordinates the Projects/Partnerships and Employability front of Casa 1 (Home of Welcoming, Cultural Center and LGBT Social Clinic). 

Karen Cunha is a curator, specialist in large events and creator of Flerte, a curator, consultancy and management company for cultural projects. She has worked for over 13 years in public power where she coordinated events such as Virada Cultural and Carnaval de Rua de São Paulo and idealized projects such as SP na Rua, Mês da Cultura Independente among others. 

Katia Abreu is a journalist, producer and curator. She is also head of communication for SIM São Paulo, artistic director of Dia da Música, producer of Fora da Casinha, agent of singer Bonifrate and multiartist AIYÈ.

Luciana Bazanella is co-founder of White Rabbit, a trendsetting and foresight agency. An advertising executive and master in communication, with emphasis on semiotics, she is an MBA professor in the areas of branding and innovation at FGV, ESPM and INSPER.

Luiz Augusto Buff is a lawyer, music supervisor and teacher based in Los Angeles. With a Master's degree in Entertainment, Media and Intellectual Property Law from UCLA School of Law, he is a founding partner of 1M1 Arte and teaches "Music Business Finance" at Berklee College of Music.

Maithe Bertolini is a cultural producer and content manager at SIM. She also produces Festival Contato and was a partner and programmer at the GiG cultural venue, both in São Carlos, where she participated in the development of public policy projects for culture as President of the Municipal Council for Solidarity Economy.

Marcel Arede is partner and director of AmpliCriativa Produções, an agency and cultural producer of artists and projects from Pará. Since 2001 he has been working with projects and with the production of artists such as Gaby Amarantos, Dona Onete, Gang do Eletro, Lucas Estrela, Paulo André Barata, Manoel Cordeiro, Pelé do Manifesto among others. 

Mari Martinez is a journalist, founder of the Creative Hub Marquise 51 where she manages and promotes artists from the south of Brazil and carries out initiatives such as the Festival Morrostock. She is also an advisor to the Commission of Education and Culture of the Rio Grande do Sul State Legislature, acting in defense of the development of the creative sector in Rio Grande do Sul.

Marina Amano is the founder of Listo Music, a digital marketing agency specialized in music and content release strategies, working in planning, social network management, digital platforms and relationships with fan clubs and labels. Marina is also the manager of Tuyo, Felipe Flip, Óbvio and Sandro.

Martin Giraldo works with internet, music and street culture intersections. He has worked in startups and projects in partnerships with institutions such as Red Bull (Brazil), Un-Convention (UK), British Council Colombia, Ministerio de Cultura de Colombia, Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín, (Colombia) and StarMedia Networks (USA).

Monique Dardenne is co-founder of the Women's Music Event (WME) and music curator of Centro Cultural São Paulo. She has been working in the music market for over 10 years as a booker of national and international artists and career manager. She was Label Manager of Plataforma Skol Music and Director of English WebTV Boiler Room in Brazil. 

Myla Hardie lives in Los Angeles and has 25 years of professional experience in music, on and off stage. She divides her time between her artist career and managing the Worldhaus Music label.

Nando Machado is ahead of ForMusic, a marketing, promotion and distribution services agency and represents in Brazil some of the largest independent labels in the international market, such as PIAS, Caroline Records, Cooking Vinyl, Domino, besides partnerships with BMG, Eleven Seven, Kobalt among other market agents and artists.

Patricktor4 is today one of the main Brazilian DJs and producers. He is responsible for Baile Tropical, a touring party that has already visited more than 10 countries. He is the program coordinator of Frei Caneca FM, a public broadcaster in Recife, in addition to acting in the collective Radialivres for the promotion and strengthening of guidelines related to making radio.

Paula Abreu is the Programming Director of the City Parks Foundation (CPF) and one of the curators of the iconic SummerStage and Charlie Parker Jazz Festival. With a Masters in Performing Arts Administration from New York University, she has lived in New York since 2011 and has also worked at Lincoln Center and the Red Hot Organization.

Pedro Antunes has been a music journalist for over 10 years. Since 2017 he has been running the program Tem Um Gato na Minha Vitrola, taking daily doses of music to Instagram Stories. He has worked in major media outlets such as Jornal da Tarde, O Estado de S. Paulo, and is currently editor-in-chief of Rolling Stone Brasil.
Pedro Azevedo is a programmer for the venue Musicbox in Lisbon and MIL - Lisbon International Networking, Jameson Urban Routes and Aleste (Funchal) festivals.
Pena Schmidt works for music since 1972. An electronics technician specialized in audio, he has made a career in the recording industry producing more than 50 records, festivals such as FreeJazz and acting as a manager at Auditório Ibirapuera and CCSP. Founder of ABMI (Brazilian Association of Independent Music), currently coordinates the #listadaslistas.

Raquel Lemos is a lawyer and founding partner of Lemos Consultoria Ltda. and Cultural, as well as a lecturer in the postgraduate program in audiovisual production at FAAP. She is also the author of the book "Legislação e Políticas de Incentivo" (Legislation and Incentive Policies) and a consultant specialized in contracts and business strategy. 

Renata Gomes is a member of the communication, marketing and label development team of the multinational distributor Ingrooves. She is a curator of events such as São Paulo Tech Week and Startup Weekend Music & Arts, researcher and data analyst at DATA SIM, columnist at Mundo da Música website and is part of the NGO Women in Music Brasil. 

Ricardo Rodrigues is a manager, agent and cultural producer, general director of Festival Contato and founding partner of Let's GIG - Booking & Music Services, where he works in the production and agency of artists such as Liniker e os Caramelows, Luedji Luna, Davi, Mel, ATR, Luê, Pedro Salomão, Giovani Cidreira, among others. 

Verônica Pessoa creates and carries out projects and business models researches. With Janela Música e Cultura, she gives mentoring focused on career development for artists and consulting firms that invest in music in Brazil. A journalist, she presents the program Cenas do Mundo (Scenes of the World), on Frei Caneca FM, with sounds from several countries. 

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