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Sarau As Mina Tudo Night

Sarau As Mina Tudo (All Chick Jam Session) will be part of SIM São Paulo at Lab Mundo Pensante. Some people may think that women on stage are like an ornament. That’s whay this meeting takes place every month in Sao Paulo and also travels through nine other states as itinerant edition all over Brazil. Music, poetry and dance presented by women. There will be open mic and also preconfirmed artists. Oh yes, men are welcome in the audience. As Mina Tudo is a group of whatsapp that gathers artists.

Date: December 5th
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Lab Mundo Pensante
Address: Rua Treze de Maio, 733 - Bexiga, São Paulo
Tickets: R$ 15
Venue's capacity: 70 people
Age restriction: 18
- Ananda Jacques (SP) 
- Bruna Lucchesi (PR)
- Clarissa Ferreira (RS)
- Haynna (DF)
- Heloisa Lucas (SP)
- Kia Sajo (SC)
- Luiza Fittipaldi (PE)
- Marina Melo (SP) 
- Marina Mathey (SP)
- Martha Galdos (Peru)
- Natt Maat (SP)
- Rachell Luz (SP)
- Raissa Fayet (PR)
- Selma Fernands (SP)
- Thaïs Morell (PR)
- DJ KD Terezaa
- MC Rhaissa Bittar


December 05th
19:00 - 23:00

DJ KD Terezaa, Ananda Jacques, Bruna Lucchesi, Clarissa Ferreira, Haynna, Heloisa Lucas, Kia Sajo, Luiza Fittipaldi, Marina Mathey, Marina Melo,, Natt Maat, Rachell Luz, Raissa Fayet, Rhaissa Bittar, Selma Fernands, Thaïs Morell

Lab Mundo Pensante
Rua Treze de Maio, 733 - Bela Vista, São Paulo

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